FAN: Goldberg’s Return

In this FAN, we cover how I would’ve handled Goldberg’s return.

To start, Goldberg squashes and Kevin Owens like normal. The only difference is that in the Royal Rumble (where he schools Brock same as normal), Roman eliminates him and not Taker.

Now Goldberg is champion, Owens wants his rematch, Roman wants to face Goldberg and ‘beat his old ass’, and Brock wants revenge, thus a triple threat match is had on Raw. The match is Owens weaseling in offense where he can, with Roman and Brock going at it, toe to toe. They trade moves and advantages, and Owens always breaks it up when it’s about to get good. Owens goes to Suplex city after Brock moves out of the way of a Roman Spear and Jericho codebreakers Owens on the outside for trying to stay out of the match (this also continues their feud). On the fifth or sixth suplex, Roman spears them both and pins Owens. With Brock being conscious, but on his knees recovering. This is to protect the spear as Roman’s finishing move, and protect a Reigns vs. Brock 1v1 match (or rematch) in the future.

Roman vs. Goldberg starts now, Goldberg says that Roman’s “a youngblood, and reminds him of a young Goldberg though not quite as good.”

Roman says he’ll “beat his old ass up right now if he doesn’t stop talking shit.”

Goldberg laughs, says that’s what he’s talking about that fire. He likes that. Roman has ALL the tools, but he’s not ready to go head to head with someone like Goldberg. He says that Roman has a lot of things, the power, the speed, the spear. He pauses. He’s even faced Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania. The only difference, is that Goldberg won while Roman…

Roman interrupts, angry. “I got cheated. I had Brock right where I wanted him when a certain little brother of mine, interfered. I beat Brock’s ass, and I’ll do the same to you.” Both of them drop the mic and have a stare down, with Triple H breaking it up.

“Look, I beat both of you guys.” they look at him with a glare. “and both of you beat me, I’ll admit. We get it, you’re both great, you’re both powerhouses, but THIS is a wrestlemania main event and we’re NOT going to waste it tonight on RAW.” HHH goes on to book them vs. Braun and Brock Lesnar.

Braun and Brock will actually do well, Brock going toe to toe and Braun dominating both men somewhat. Roman will interfere while Braun’s tossing around Goldberg, and Brock will take Roman to suplex city, hitting Braun in the process and distracting him. Braun will go down to a spear by Goldberg and Jackhammer but be up immediately and take exception to Brock costing him the match. The two will begin their feud.

Next Raw, Roman will come out, he’ll say that he’s clearly a better Goldberg. While Goldberg had problems with Triple H, Roman took him out, clean and easy at Wrestlemania. Goldberg struggled with Kane, while Roman put his old ass out of commission. Goldberg had close matches with the likes of Diamond Dallas Page, while Roman ran through the superior version in Randy Orton. And even more, when Goldberg spears people, they get hurt, they hold their stomach, but they get up. When Roman Reigns spears people…they stay down. He drops the mic.

Roman will then dominate a match with a hurt Seth Rollins, as HHH is using him as a punishment. It’s made apparent he dominates because Seth is hurt. Roman even says “I’m sorry.” mockingly before laying into him.

Next week, Goldberg cuts a promo on Roman. Saying that “the time for talking is over. At the end of the day, this speaks for itself!” He holds up the title. “If you want this, Roman, he takes off his shirt. Come and get it!”

Roman walks down, stops before getting in the ring. “You sure you wanna do this two weeks before Wrestlemania, old man? Sure you won’t break a hip?” He says with a smile. “But seriously, what you said is music to my ears. it’s time we stopped talking, and started fighting.”

Goldberg looks ecstatic and beckons him to come into the ring as Roman circles it. “Bring it on, boy! Roman you’re n–” Roman slides in the ring and Goldberg drops the mic as they trade shots. Goldberg hits a spear on Roman and then lays him out with a Jackhammer. He celebrates in the ring and stands over Roman with the title held high.

The final week before Wrestlemania, Roman walks out and has a mic to his face but he looks furious. He says, “bring Goldberg’s old ass down here, NOW!” He waits, Goldberg shows up, they trade blows, Goldberg goes for a spear, Roman dodges it, hits a Superman punch. Goldberg stumbles back into rope, and comes back to hit the spear on Roman. He does his usual taunt and celebration as Roman gets up, holding his stomach. Goldberg picks him up for the Jackhammer, but Roman wriggles out of it and lands behind Goldberg. He then bounces off the ropes and hits his own spear. Roman celebrates, doing his howl and then picks up Goldberg and hits the Jackhammer on him. While looking down on him, he gets the mic and deliver the bombshell. “No Goldberg, you’re Next.”

Wrestlemania time, both of them get their special entrances and wait for the announcers, though both are chomping at the bit. As soon as the bell rings, they go at it like Brock and Goldberg did. Roman hits a few good punches/uppercuts, and a Samoan Drop as Goldberg comes off the ropes. He looks at Goldberg all cocky like and mushes his face while he’s getting up. He starts talking shit to him, kneeling down to do so, and Goldberg headbutts him, making Reigns recoil, but hurting Goldberg more (because Roman’s Samoan). Goldberg gets up, holding his head and hits Roman twice, Roman falls into the ropes, gets hit with the thrust kick to the face. Roman gets up fast to try to counter and BOOM! spear by Goldberg. Roman rolls out of the ring and Goldberg follows him and spears him through the barricade as he did Brock. Goldberg gets up immediately as Reigns lays there, coughing and seemingly out. Goldberg throws him in the ring, only for Reigns to hit a desperation Superman Punch. Goldberg stumbles, is hit with another, and stumbles into the turnbuckle face first. Roman goes outside, hits the drive-by dropkick, and then is back in the ring for a spear (which he lands successfully). He howls and goes for a Jackhammer, but Goldberg gets out the same way he did and hits another kick, sending Roman reeling and causing him to hang onto the ropes. Goldberg then slaps his head, has his tongue out, and charges, spearing them both out of the ring.

Goldberg continues to beat on Reigns on the outside, and picks him up to his feet, signaling for a Jackhammer. Roman headbutts him and pushes him back into the ring post and the barricade to get an advantage. Roman hits his Code of Silence to down Goldberg as he waits to recover. Goldberg recovers on the edge of a different barricade and Roman spears him through it, getting retribution. Roman howls again and throws Goldberg into the ring, but Goldberg recovers and punches Reigns a few times, before catching Reigns mid-superman punch and hitting a military press spinebuster. He does the signal for a Jackhammer and actually hits it this time. He goes to pin, but Roman kicks out to everyone’s shock and awe.

Goldberg doesn’t quit, he sits back and prepares for another spear. Roman stops his spear with his hands and stomach, grabbing Goldberg around the waist and lifting him for his Crucifix Powerbomb. He hits it, expecting a pin, but gets barely a 2 count. Roman backs up, looking at Goldberg in disbelief. He then mouths ‘you’re next old man’ and runs off of the ropes and hits the spear. 1, 2, 3. Roman wins the feud and the title.

As a side note, Brock and Braun would have a match to make up for Brock’s appearance, and either Bray Wyatt or Baron Corbin would be the one to retire Undertaker, allowing him to still retire as he did.

This makes Braun into a star (especially as they’ll continue their feud as they did in reality, with Braun likely getting a belt out of hit), just a bit earlier, and it allows Bray or Baron Corbin an extra push as well. It also uses Brock’s ‘aura’ and ‘streak push’ to be passed on to a younger talent like Roman Reigns, AND avoids having Brock vs. Goldberg 3 times in a row, while giving us a new and somewhat anticipated match up.

Yes it’s another title win and coronation for Roman at WM, but it’s the best option for all sides.

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