FAN: Lucha Underground Season 2 – Pentagon

Welcome to another edition of FAN. This time, I will cover how I would’ve booked Pentagon Jr. during Lucha Underground Season 2.

The season starts identical to how it did in real life: Pentagon breaking Mil Muertes’ arm after Prince Puma attacks him, and after the Ivalisse fight. After that, Mil will defend his title against Puma (broken arm and all), while Pentagon faces the Disciples of Death. Mil will beat Puma after Catrina revives him from a 630 splash (using the stone) and when the Disciples of Death interfere. Pentagon will simply beat the Disciples of Death 3 on 1. After the match, Pentagon will snap Prince Puma’s arm and the night will end in a stare down between Mil and Pentagon. This not only furthers their feud, but gives Pentagon another feud to enter into almost immediately, when Puma returns.

After this, it will be Mil vs. Pentagon for the title. Pentagon will get close to winning, but the Disciples of Death will interfere and cost him the match. Pentagon will thus throw a fit and break one of the Disciples’ arms.

Keeping Mil as a fighting champion, and further Mundo’s character, the two will have a match that Mil will win. Clean. Meanwhile, Pentagon will face the other Disciples of Death and beat them, breaking both of their arms. Pentagon will demand Mil for the title and get no response. Later in the show, he’ll hold Catrina hostage, which causes Mil to come down and agree to the match. Catrina will smirk, disappear from Pentagon’s grasp, and hold the stone up.

Pentagon will win the match by rebreaking Mil’s bad arm and pinning him off of the maneuver. Catrina will appear however and say that courtesy of Dario Cueto, this is now a best of 3 series, which makes sense as Dario dislikes Pentagon. The next show, Mil and Pentagon will have another match, with Mil still hurt, and Pentagon will barely pull it out after a tough match. He’ll even be bleeding from the damage he took. Unfortunately Catrina will troll him and reveal that she mispoke, it’s actually a best of 5 match.

The next show and next match, Pentagon will resort to weapons to put Mil down and will celebrate with the championship. Catrina will reveal it’s a best of 7 in actuality and Dario will come out to make it final. No more adding on matches after this. Mil will be angry at his losses and his injuries and Catrina will fail to calm him down. Before the next match (right before it), Mil will be enraged and break his cast (like he did in the actual season) to free his arm. In the actual match, he’ll manhandle Pentagon in a near-squash match, easily defeating him and re-establishing his dominance.

Pentagon’s now up 3-1, so they will continue. The next time they face, Pentagon will do better, getting some offense in, but it will still be very David-and-Goliath-like with Mil ragdolling him throughout most of the match. Their next match will show Pentagon adjusting, and will be a somewhat close bout, though Mil takes it one more time, tying them at 3-3. Pentagon will train with his master and call upon his teachings in desperation.

The final match will be at Aztec Warfare, with both men seeing it as a challenge to emerge as the champion despite the nearly 20 something other men involved in the match. Pentagon will battle it out with Mil during the match and be thrown out of the ring. When he returns, it’ll be with a chair, ambushing him the same way he did in the actual season, causing Mil to chase him (though he’s never eliminated). Matanza will win the belt however, as he did in the actual season.

The next night, Pentagon will come out and claim his right to the championship. He pinned Mil, and never got to finish the match, despite never being eliminated. Dario will happily oblige, and Pentagon will be obliterated just as he was in the actual season.

While he’s hurt, Pentagon will have several Vignettes with Vampiro breaking him to make him stronger (the same as the actual season), but also lessons about being smarter, growing, and meditation.

Pentagon will return at Graver Consequences (in gear that’s half black, half his normal colors), appearing behind Matanza and breaking his arm, while staring down Mil Muertes. Matanza however will simply flex his arm to fix it, though Pentagon will have disappeared. The next episode, Vampiro will challenge Matanza (on behalf of Pentagon) for the championship and get it as Dario and Matanza are pissed at Pentagon for attacking him.

The same Pentagon vignette will be used, but the show BEFORE Ultimate Lucha, to show Pentagon is ready. Pentagon Oscuro will debut at Ultimate Lucha, break Lotus and Dragon Azteca’s arms as normal, and have a back and forth match with Matanza. He’ll end up winning the match after kicking out of Matanza’s finisher (Wrath of the Gods). Pentagon Oscuro will be booked as if he feeds off of pain and as if pain makes him stronger. Puma will come out and stare Pentagon down, to set up a feud for next season. He’ll also have the Triad and Rey Mysterio as possible feuds for the 3rd season.

Overall, this allows Pentagon to have his usual journey and actually complete it, instead of having to wait for Season 3. It also allows Mil to look strong and like a monster (fighting with a broken arm and still winning, though it makes him weaker (evident by Puma almost winning), Matanza to look like a beast (for no-selling the arm break), and everyone looks good for it. Pentagon gets his championship, AND a better name, and his trademark arm breaking is used more.

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