Villains Who Lost Because They Forgot Their Powers Pt. 2

A Continuation of my article on Cracked, where villains lost because they simply refused to use their powers, or forgot they had them.

Magneto: X-Men Days of Future Past

Magneto in Days of Future Past is quite simply a monster. He’s a badass the likes that we really haven’t seen in a comic book villain who takes what he wants and takes it by force.

And it’s a whole lot of force by the way, enough to lift an entire stadium and float it to the whitehouse, trapping all inside.

In the final fight, Magneto has the president and other important people at his mercy with literally half a dozen guns or more trained on them, inside of the stadium that HE brought in the first place.

And yet, like a classic Villain, Magneto falls to a distraction by a wayward Sentinel, a shot to the neck by Mystique, and a kick to the head. What? What happened to this?

Magneto shows only seconds before that he can toss anything with metal in it to the far reaches of the shadowrealm (OK, just to the river outside the stadium), so why not do that with the Sentinel instead of slowly dismantling it?

And why not do literally anything he’s shown he can do (use pieces of the stadium, the guns you just dropped, etc.) while Mystique slowly saunters over to him, lets off a quip, and spin kicks him into oblivion? If Magneto tries literally anything at all, he still wins, faulty Sentinel and all. But I guess he just gave up or something.

Dr. Doom: Fant4stic

Fant4stic sucks. We all know it, so I went ahead and cleared the air for us. The plot sucks, the cast sucks, the fights suck, Doom himself sucks. This still doesn’t change the fact that Doom blatantly ignored his power in order to lose, as villains often do (source: this article).

We’ve all seen it, when Doom gets his magical force-like powers (because that screams Doctor Doom), he makes people suffer seizures and makes their heads explode, he knocks down walls and makes random explosions happen just by staring really really hard.

He then…somehow fights the Fantastic Four in a losing effort and uses absolutely none of his powers. Why grab Reed Richards by the throat when you can explode his head? Why move your arms and throw nebulous glob attacks when you can simply make your eyes glow like you did before? None of it makes sense and it’s like Doom simply NEEDED to lose. And so he did.

Deadpool: Wolverine Origins

The final villain of Wolverine’s horrible and now not-canon backstory, Deadpool AKA Barakapool, not to be confused with the new and cooler Ryan-Reynolds-played-Deadpool,is yet another X-Men Villain on this list. Ba-I mean Deadpool has all the cool stuff: teleportation, regeneration, knives in his arms, and Cyclops’s mega eye beams. For about 95% of the fight, Deadpool is very competent and hands both Wolverine and Sabretooth their collective asses. In fact he only gets hit a few times before inexplicably changing strategies to spam-spam-spam on the eye beams rather than continuing to whoop ass. But that’s not the issue.

The issue is his death scene or when he’s defeated. As the scene goes, Barakapool is so fixated on beaming Sabretooth to death, that Wolverine not-so-stealthily runs up to him and jumps, cutting his head off before kicking him off the giant structure they were fighting on, because reasons. Deadpool falls and his head detaches from his body, marking his defeat and the end of the structure since the eye beams don’t turn off.

But…why didn’t he teleport? Literally moments before he shows that he can teleport with the eye beams, so that wasn’t the issue, and also earlier in the fight, he’s shown that he can teleport as a reflex rather than dodging like a normal person. In this case he has two chances, one when Wolverine slices his neck, and again when Wolverine kicks him off the structure. There’s no reason to let himself get hit, but he does and thus he makes this list.

Kylo Ren: Star Wars The Force Awakens

Kylo Ren is the not-quite-a-sith-lord antagonist of Star Wars episode 7, who starts off as a badass and gets progressively less impressive as the movie continues. He goes from doing this (stopping a blaster bolt AND the shooter mid-shot):

And this (freezing Rey like a statue, and putting her to sleep):

And even this (Some good ol’ fashioned Sith force usage):

To losing to a random girl with no training and a Stormtrooper who lost every one of his one on one fights in the movie. In a dramatic and badass (for Finn, the Stormtrooper) scene, Kylo duels Finn in lightsaber to lightsaber combat, defeating him in a surprisingly close bout, and then loses to Rey somehow who just discovers The Force. The question is, how? Or better yet, why?

Why not just do what’s shown above and freeze both of them and then kill them? If it’s because he’s weakened (by a surprise blaster shot, courtesy of Chewbacca), then that makes even less sense, because he should WANT to finish this as quickly as possible. If it’s because he’s angry, well Kylo’s known to take his anger out on inanimate objects, as he’s shown earlier in the movie, so why stop now when his life is on the line?

It makes absolutely no sense to ACTUALLY fight Finn and/or Rey when he can simply freeze them and/or put them to sleep. And yet, in the heat of the moment, when he needs it most, Kylo forgets to use any of his force powers and ends up like everyone else on this list: losing.

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