More Characters That Would Get A HUGE Power Boost in the Marvel/DC Universes (Pt. 2)

This is a continuation of the previous article discussing some of our favorite fictional characters and how much stronger they’d get if they were directly transposed into the Marvel and DC Universes. Whether it be a chance in philosophy or a change in how their power source works, or simply a wider variety of…equipment, these characters get a boost one way or another.

Here is the previous article:

The Doctor (Doctor Who)

The Doctor is a mastermind from a super advanced race that dictates (or used to dictate) how the universe shapes up and how others evolve. Despite this, he’s somewhat…lacking in actual power, though his brains and his tech do make up for it. However, in DC or Marvel, he’d be elevated instantly to some type of…god-like being such as New God or a Celestial (as named above with Ben 10). This amps The Doctor’s powers quite a bit, and adding on his sizable intellect, it only makes him even more unbeatable.

Kratos (God of War)

Kratos is known mostly for his wanton slaughtering of the Greek Gods after they betrayed him and made him angry. At first glance, this seems to be the same entry as Xena’s: he gets more powerful because the gods in DC and Marvel are more powerful. Yes and no.

Unlike Xena, Kratos doesn’t just tangle with planet wreckers like Hercules and Ares. No, he tangles with Zeus almighty, the Skyfather himself. In DC terms, this puts him equal to Darkseid. In Marvel terms, equal with Odin. For reference, Odin has made the multiverse shake as a side effect of his fights, and is at least able to wipe out a Galaxy.

Kratos would go from raging badass to galactic terror in just a simple jump of universes. And that’s not mentioning the insanely powerful magic and artifacts he has on his side.

Freddy Krueger (Nightmare on Elm Street)

Freddy Krueger, the horror icon known for haunting dreams of children. He’s strong, seemingly omnipotent in the dream world…at least until the movie has to end and he loses, but he doesn’t have the kind of strength that says”take over the world filled with super heroes and seasoned magicians.”

Why do I mention that? Because his Marvel Universe expy, Nightmare, has done just that. Nightmare is a Fear Lord who makes people relive their worst fears in Nightmare form and feeds off of them. He can control minds and has nearly taken over the Earth before. He’s about one notch below the Odin’s of the world and thus vastly outclasses Freddy himself.

Essentially, Freddy making the jump goes from Freddy vs. Jason, to Freddie vs. The Avengers, with Freddy having a good chance of winning.

The Jedi (Star Wars)

The Jedi seem awesome in Star Wars (all of the movies). They’re space knights/monks with laser swords and psychic powers (telekinesis, telepathy, sensing, etc.). While they seem awesome, the Prequels did make sure to bring them down to Earth by having Clones slaughter Jedi by the droves. Jedi seem powerful for sure, but it’s obvious that a well-trained fighter or an army of well-trained fighters can make life difficult for them.

In Marvel and DC Universes, the Jedi would see a quantum leap in the level of power they possess. Both universes treat psychics as crazy strong (Clones would be decimated by one youngling in these Universes), and the way The Force is described, as the energy permeating all life, would make Jedi even stronger. This would either translate to magic, molecular manipulation, or reality warping. And all of them are as broken as possible with very few equals.

In these Universes, Darth Vader’s infamous quote would likely ring true. “The power to destroy a planet is insignificant next to the power of the Force”. It seemed like a metaphor or a workaround at the time but in these Universes…

Dante (Devil May Cry)

Dante is a half demon demon hunter with powerful weapons and powers to aid him in his fight. It’s not entirely accurate to state that all demons in DC and Marvel are more powerful, so that’s not why Dante would receive the power boost. The power boost would come from the type of Demon he faced, AKA Mundus. Mundus is clearly some type of Lord-like Demon who has power over his own domain and can create things from thin air. He seems menacing, but doesn’t have much to show as far as overwhelming power goes.

In DC or Marvel however, Mundus would essentially be the like of Mephisto or Neron or even Trigon. How powerful is that? The weakest of the three can at least rend galaxies in their fights and would lay the smack down on virtually any of the well-known popular heroes in their universes. Thor? Wonder Woman? Superman? Hulk? None of them would stand an inkling of a chance in a battle of pure power. This in turn elevates Dante’s level as he beat Mundus, turning him into a being of this level. And that’s not getting into his Devil Trigger.

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