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Today in FAN, I continue my account of how I’d write Naruto, starting where the other article, Part 2, left off.

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After the carnage that Akatsuki has caused, there’s a gathering of the 5 Kages (Kakashi is standing in as Tsunade is in a coma and Jiraiya is dead, the Earth Village also has a new Kage) to discuss how to handle their new Akatsuki problem. They know alone they can’t win as each member is like a human-sized Bijuu or Tailed Beast. Cue Sasuke entering the room, or Sasuke’s body with Orochimaru possessing it. Kakashi recognizes it and falls solemn after processing the news. Orochimaru begins speaking, telling them about how he’s a former member of Akatsuki and will help to take them down. They ask at what price? He smiles and tells them they’ll discuss it later.

By the end of the summit, each Akatsuki member has a village or two assigned to take them out, mostly by Orochimaru himself.

Konoha (Leaf) is assigned Itachi, Mist is assigned Kisame, Earth is assigned Deidara (along with Sand as help). Kakuzu is Waterfall (his home village trying to atone for his crimes), Grass is Zetsu (the same), and no one knows about Tobi, so it goes to the minor villages (Stone, Valley, etc.). Orochimaru/Sasuke offers up the Sound for Pain. And Konan? They ask. He smirks. “Whoever wants her.”

Thus starts the war against Akatsuki.

Kisame ends up dying to the Mizukage and the 7 Swordsmen, with help from Might Guy.

Deidara falls mostly to Gaara and his siblings combining forces.

Itachi fights and finally kills Kakashi who tries hunting him on his own. Kakashi gets outclassed easily Itachi tells him to retreat. He refuses as he feels obligated to kill Itachi. He failed Sasuke already, and he failed Obito, two Uchihas. To kill their clan’s murderer should be enough to redeem him. He will never stop, and will hunt Itachi to the ends of the Earth. He will redeem himself in the eyes of others.

“Redemption comes easier with death.” Itachi will say.

“My thoughts exactly.” Kakashi tries Kamui, Itachi crows out of it, and stabs him in the eye, killing him. Black Flames engulf his body.

“Rest in peace Kakashi.”

Kakuzu defeats the Waterfall ninjas, and escapes.

Zetsu beats the Grass village with ease.

Tobi sits on top of the Stone, Valley, etc. men, arms folded in victory.

While Konan is beat by the Cloud Village with relative ease.

Orochimaru himself fights Pain. It’s a hard fight, and it looks like he’ll lose, so Kabuto steps in, glasses off (meaning he’s going all out). Kabuto charges Pain, causes him to dodge, and launches many sneak attacks that almost gets through. Eventually Pain catches him, and kills him in an instant. This causes Orochimaru to chuckle.

“Thank you for that.” He says with a smile as he looks up with his newly acquired Mangekyo Sharingan. “Now it’s time to get serious.” He says as his Cursed Seal activates). The fight is more even now as Konan tries to deal with the entire rest of the Sound village, looking worn down.

“Go again!” They say and shoot sound jutsu at her. She stumbles and clutches her ears, sending paper shuriken everywhere, hitting some of the front line fodder. “Again!”

Pain and Orochimaru are about even now, so he goes Cursed Seal level 2 to gain the advantage. Pain’s tossed around and his other bodies are forced to come and bring the full force of the 6 Paths of Pain. In response, Orochimaru summons Manda to handle Animal path, and a set of coffins.

“Coffins? Do you think to summon the dead to fight God?” Taunts Pain. Orochimaru smirks.

“As a matter of fact…” He summons The White Fang, Jiraiya, Dan, Hizashi Hyuga, and Fugaku Uchiha. All of these men are powerful and elite jounin to nearly Kage level. With their help, Orochimaru easily wins and overruns Pain.

“Hahahaha! It’s all mine!” He exclaims, standing over Pain’s bodies. Konan retreats only to be routed by the Cloud Village later on.

Next, Orochimaru plans to wage war on 5 villages with Edo Tensei and the Sound Village soldiers. Resurrected Sound 5, Kabuto, Kisame, Deidara, etc. He tells Akatsuki to join him or die. Zetsu joins, Itachi refuses, Kakuzu joins, Tobi laughs and rejects him to his face, and then teleports away, much to his chagrin.

At the same time, The Cloud Village invades the Rain village to try to take down Akatsuki’s base. Killerbee fights Tobi and it’s a close match with Tobi dodging with teleportation and trying his chains, while Killerbee attacks with super speed and fends off the chains with his swords. Tobi retreats when A (The 4th Raikage) comes for backup. However he does take Naruto with him.

Tobi then visits Naruto in a cave and taunts him as it’s the last day he’ll see. He then extracts the Kyuubi from him and says

“Finally. Madara Uchiha shall return to the Ninja World.” He uses that and the other Jinchuuriki to restore himself and have an army of Bijuu.

He wages war on the Cloud first, hitting it hard and having the Bijuu attack. Bee holds its own vs. 1,2,4,5, and 6 tails, but is losing. The 9 tails comes and swats him down, and takes out the entire village after. Even A can’t fight the 9 Tails head up. Bee is then captured and has his Bijuu ripped out of him.

Next is the Mist, and Madara now has Bijuu tails 1-9 attacking. The Mizukage and 7 Swordsman try to hold their own, but once two Bijuu are introduced, they’re overrun. When the rest fight, the Mist easily falls. The Earth and Sand villages meet the same fate, with even Gaara being unable to take more than 1 Bijuu.

Last on the list is Konoha, where Tsunade is ready and has finally recovered. She says she’ll fight against him just as her grandfather did. She quickly realizes she’s outmatched by even the 1 tails and thus summons her slug. Hiashi and the Hyuga clan step up to help, as does Guy, and Anko. Meanwhile Sakura is at Akatsuki base, rescuing Naruto who’s still alive due to his Uzumaki resilience and his willpower.

She puts him on her shoulder and heads back to the village.

As more Bijuu appear, more people step up to fight, including Lee, Neji, Kiba, Shino, and Shikamaru. Eventually it’s divided up to where each clan is trying to fight a Bijuu, some of them fighting together.

The Hyuga take down the 2 tails, while the Aburame, Nara, and Yamanaka take down 1 tail in a combined effort.

Tsunade and Guy take out the three tails, but the 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 are still around.

Anko and Yamato take on the 4 tails and are winning, but the others are too much and the village is being laid to waste. Guy closes his eyes, proclaims youth and he won’t let this stand! He goes 8 Gates and blasts through with power. With it he takes out the 5th and 6th tail, and hurts the 7 tails enough so the rest of the village can exhaust itself taking it down.

Madara taunts them about the 8 and 9 tails, but is then interrupted by Orochimaru arriving. Orochimaru with his Edo Tensei and snakes take down the 8 tails, but the 9 tails is still too strong. He tries his Rinnegan powers and they fail to do much, so he tries another approach. He grins and uses the sharingan to take control of it, but Madara counters it, and his is stronger.

“Fool! You think to match me?”

At that moment Naruto and Sakura come back and Madara’s surprised to see that Naruto still lives. “An Uzumaki true and true.” He remarks, though Naruto is still out cold.

Orochimaru calls Akatsuki (Zetsu and Kakuzu) and they are able to handle the 9 tails, when their strength is combined with the Edo Tensei.

“Impressive, but now you have to deal with me.” Madara says and with a wave of his hand, he cancels Edo Tensei.

“What? That’s not possible!” Orochimaru exclaims. Madara smirks.

Madara and Orochimaru then fight an epic battle, and it’s fairly equal once Cursed Seal level 2 (CS2) is active, along with the Rinnegan and Sharingan. Shinra Tensei, Chibaku Tensei, A Kaiju Fight with Perfect Susanoo and Animal path’s summons, Madara’s powerful fire jutsu, etc. All of it is used in this fight, including Madara’s space/time powers as Tobi (which he uses to avoid Double CS2 Kirin, where the lightning strikes twice, one after another with the first obliterating his Susanoo). By the end of it, both are tired, nearly out of breath, bruised, and battered.

“Amaterasu.” Itachi says, flanking them from behind, engulfing both me in the black flames. This kills Madara, but Orochimaru laughs and spits out another body.

Itachi will fight Orochimaru in Sasuke’s body. He’ll almost win, but ultimately lose. But not before looking Orochimaru in the eyes one last time as his MS spin. This will plant himself into Orochimaru’s psyche to try to kill both him and Madara and to save Sasuke.

It will be revealed later that he also fought Madara to ‘finish what he started’ but he also lost there and retreated. He was dying from his wounds from that fight when he took on Orochimaru.

“Come to avenge your little brother?” Itachi stares at him for awhile.

“…Another time.” Itachi the disperses into crows. With his enemies gone or dead, Orochimaru then turns to Konoha and declares himself the Hokage. No one can object with his raw power and the army he can raise in an instant.

Konoha and most of the ninja world is ruled by Orochimaru for months on end until Naruto and everyone that battled Madara recovers. Finally, after 6 months, they fight against Orochimaru’s forces, intent on taking Konoha back. Tsunade dies in the crossfire as Naruto and Sakura fight against Orochimaru in an attempt to defeat him and somehow save Sasuke. It’s a losing battle even with Sakura being a mini-Tsunade and Naruto having full Sage Mode, as Orochimaru is just toying with them.

Itachi makes a reappearance and use Tsukuyomi to expel Orochimaru from Sasuke’s body. Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura then kill Orochimaru as he’s weakened by the genjutsu, with a joint attack of a full on punch into Sage Rasengan/Rasenshuriken+Chidori. Orochimaru is killed for good and Sasuke thanks Itachi as he fades away.

Then comes the question of ‘Who’s the Hokage now?’ The village has a quick vote and it’s Naruto by a landslide. He’s finally achieved his dream.

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