Characters That Deserve A Lantern Ring

In DC Comics, the Lantern Rings are some of the most powerful weapons in the universe, generating hard-light constructs with the ability to do nearly anything (as well as some ring specific powers) and putting their wearers on par with powerhouses like Superman and Wonder Woman. More well-known, each ring embodies an emotion and only someone who epitomizes said emotion can become a ring wielder and join the respective Lantern Corps. Green is creativity and willpower, Red is anger, Pink is love, Blue is hope, Yellow is fear, Indigo is compassion, and Orange is greed. There are others, but those are more…special cases.

Regardless, there are others, not in the DC (or Marvel) Universes that perfectly represent these emotions and definitely deserve a Lantern Ring.

Mr. Krabs (Spongebob Squarepants) – Orange Lantern Ring

Mr. Krabs, Spongebob’s boss and owner of the Krusty Krab, is…essentially the epitome of greed. Anyone who knows the show wouldn’t question him as an Orange Lantern (who’s emotion is greed to the extent hat their only member: Larfleeze, kills any other Orange Lantern because he wants it ALL).

Mr. Krabs is constantly obsessed with money and as time has passed, he’s proven that his greed knows no bounds. Even to the point of hurting his bottom line. For example, he sold Spongebob, the cook that makes him most of his money, for only 62 cents. And it’s not just Spongebob’s body or person, but his actual [b]soul[/b].

Beyond that, Mr. Krabs has gone on a rampage after losing his first dime, has shown (as a child) to literally cheat vending machines out of money (by tying coins to a string and pulling them back), has dreamed about catching money, and has even traded his body for his millionth dollar.

Clearly his greed knows no bounds.

Asura (Asura’s Wrath) – Red Lantern Ring

Asura is known for two things: his overwhelming power and his unstoppable rage. His rage is so prevalent that he has used to come back to life…twice. Yes, he literally rejected and beat death out of pure unbridled rage. And that’s not all.

Asura’s rage is so strong that it even burns out his own body with its power. It’s so strong that it allows him, a demigod to beat down and kill other, more powerful gods, based only on the power it gives him.

The Red Lantern ring is powered on rage and rage alone. It feeds the user rage and is more empowered by rage. Like many point out with Red Lantern Hulk, Red Lantern Asura would be a force of (wrathful) nature.

Solid Snake (Metal Gear Solid) – Green Lantern Ring

Solid Snake, the known badass and spy who has saved the world countless times. Many know him for his efficiency at killing and stopping bad guys, but many would wonder what makes hi qualified for a Green Lantern Ring?

Green Lanterns are empowered by their willpower and creativity, two things Snake has in spades. Snakeis routinely dropped off into foreign areas with no weapons or equipment, and still manages to complete his mission and defeat entire teams of superpowered people, usually more powerful than him.

For willpower, Snake has, as an old man with a failing body, crawled through a literal microwave over 100 meters in length, just to complete a mission. He’s also overcame Psychomantis and his mind control, when Pyschomantis can break the fourth wall and cause Playstation controllers not to work. He also used his vast psychic powers to raze a village but that’s a different story.

Other Green Lanterns have been military men (like John Stewart) so Snake’s not alone there. Given his track record, he’d be the perfect Green Lantern to protect the Galaxy from whatever threat that presented itself, with his combination of skill, willpower, creativity, and badassery.

Freddy Kruger (Nightmare on Elm Street) – Yellow Lantern Ring

Yellow Lanterns are based entirely on fear and their ability to cause and master it. Freddie Kruger is thus the perfect embodiment of a Yellow Lantern in almost all of fiction.

Freddy is known for feeding on the fear of his victims, and he’s even felt it before with his death, back when he was alive. He has mastered it, delved into it, and utilized in with his mastery of Nightmares and his literal persona is one of a fearmonger, having his victims scared to even be on Elm Street, and to even close their eyes and go to sleep.

There are very few as worthy of a Yellow Lantern Ring as Freddy.

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