Batman vs. Captain America Part 1


Batman vs. Captain America, the Dark Knight vs. the Super Soldier, Gotham vs. New York City, Justice League vs. Avengers, the battle of two of the most prominent street levelers in comics. Who wins this harrowing battle? Read on to find out.

First up to analyze is Batman and how he stacks up physically, mentally, and more.

Many think that Batman is merely peak human, but contrary to popular belief, Batman’s strength is superhuman in many ways. Batman has lifted a 1000 pound ceiling, he has easily benched 1000 pounds, he has cracked bazooka proof glass with one punch, and has kicked opponents through missile proof doors. He’s also ripped out metal ducts he was tied to and has leg pressed a train car. Overall, he is as superhuman as Captain America is, especially with striking power that seems to surpass the force of a missile.

Batman’s speed is also very superhuman, much like Captain America’s. Batman has easily dodged bullets, taken out a group of men before they could even move their fingers to pull the trigger, has dodged Mr. Freeze’s rays, has blocked bullets, and in just the blink of an eye has switched cups so that he could avoid drinking poison. For reference, a blink of an eye is estimated at around 300 milliseconds, so that is crazy fast.

Now, greater than his physical abilities are Batman’s fighting skills. He’s one of the most renowned martial artists in the DC Universe and has beaten or stalemated almost all of the top dogs. Batman has beaten Ras Al Ghul who has many decades of experience, has stalemated Richard Dragon, beaten Lady Shiva: the World’s Deadliest Assassin, has shown that he can take out well built men with just two fingers, and has even KO’d Solomon Grundy with one nerve hit. If there’s one thing Batman is top tier in, it’s his fighting abilities. That and his utility belt and use of his gadgets.

Now comes Batman’s trump card against any and every one: the different gadgets he uses, even as standard gear. Standard on his utility belt are grappling hooks, smoke bombs, fear gas, tear gas, and other toxins, batarangs, bolos, and a series of other equipment that he seems to randomly have on him at any time. Three of these: the different style batarangs, the cryogenic grenades, and the sonic grenades that Batman has used before, can easily be a deciding factor.

Batman’s batarangs range from explosive, to magnetic, to acidic, to electrical shock, to fusion, and more. Any of these used right could potentially take the good Captain out or at least distract him enough for Batman to rid him of the shield. And consider that the batarangs are merely batshaped boomerangs, and Captain America’s shield becomes less useful against them.

Cryogenic grenades simply freeze, and given the shield’s size, it can’t block the entire radius of the blast. Sonic grenades will affect Cap’s hearing and thus his balance, making it easier for Batman to throw him off balance and either deliver a finishing blow or take the shield.
Overall Captain America will have to deal with someone who’s nearly as strong as him, is faster, is arguably more skilled, and has tons of gadgets on his side.

Stay tuned for Part 2: the argument for Captain America.

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