Hulk vs. Superman Part 4: The Winner

Hulk vs. Superman. The epic showdown.

In Parts 1 and 2 I explained how Hulk can win and his advantages. In Part 3 I explained how Superman can win and his advantages. Now in Part 4, I will explain who wins and why.

First let’s compare strength. Superman has shown planetary strength: holding mini black holes, escaping black holes, moving a mini solar system, claims of planet shattering punches, and more. Hulk too has shown planetary strength: overpowering forcefields that can change a planet’s orbit, fighting with people who are planet busters, destroying a planet with the shock wave of his punch (Worldbreaker Hulk), and overpowering a supernova’s weight being dropped on top of him (Indestructible Hulk). So they’re virtually even in strength, though Hulk has the advantage due to constantly getting stronger as he gets angrier. Worldbreaker Hulk and Indestructible Hulk also have a clear advantage due to their better feats.

Strength: Slight Advantage Hulk

Next let’s look at a durability comparison. Superman has been trapped in black holes, has survived a supernova, planets colliding, and more. Hulk has survived planet busting hits, the weight of supernovas on him (Indestructible Hulk again), a planet’s destruction (Worldbreaker Hulk again), Human Torch’s nova blast, blasts from Galactus, atomic punches (World War Hulk), and more. So again, they’re nearly even in this, Hulk taking it only because he has a better and more active healing factor to make up for any damage he might take. Superman has one too, but it doesn’t seem as strong, nor does it kick in as often.

Durability: Slight Advantage Hulk

The next attribute to compare is speed, and that has an obvious winner. Superman has nanosecond reaction times, can search a 20 mile radius instantly, can vibrate through attacks and is generally faster than light when he wants to be. Hulk is no slouch though. He has been said to move with “lightning reflexes”, has caught missiles mid-air, has hit faster opponents than himself (such as Quicksilver), and has even moved in blurs before (Indestructible Hulk). Also Hulk has thunderclap to counter such speed, as well as the uncanny ability to hit faster opponents than him with consistency.

Speed: Massive Advantage Superman (though Hulk has counters)

After speed, comes another attribute that has an obvious winner, fighting skills. Now not to say that Hulk can’t hold his own in a fight, because he can brawl with the best of them, but Hulk lacks actual skills. He is simply an untrained brawler. In contrast, Superman has formal training, can even hit pressure points on a consistent basis, and is thus considered skilled in martial arts whenever he decides to put it to use.

Fighting Skills: Massive Advantage Superman

Last but not least (probably the deciding factor in who wins between Hulk’s strength, durability, and healing factor and Superman’s speed and skill) is their personality. Superman unfortunately likes to hold back and cut loose only when he needs to, or if he’s facing an opponent that has warranted it in the past. Hulk has no such qualms and will simply “SMASH!” whoever is in his way. He only holds back not to kill (sometimes), but he’ll bash your face in ‘til his heart’s content. Hulk is savage (pun intended), aggressive, and angry. Superman is calm, collected, and likes to reason. Because of that, Hulk’s personality is clearly better for this fight.

Personality: Massive Advantage Hulk

Now for the finale. The winner between these two after taking into consideration their strength, durability, speed, fighting skills, healing factors, other powers and counters, and their personality, is…The Hulk.

Hulk wins due to his high levels of strength and his aggression, as well as his nature of getting stronger as the fight goes on. The worst thing to do against Hulk is to prolong the fight, and Superman will do just that due to his personality and willingness to hold back. Superman will make the mistake of trying to reason with Hulk before finally cutting loose and when he does, it will may be too late.

Savage Hulk wins 7/10

Worldbreaker Hulk wins 9.5/10

Indestructible Hulk wins 8.5/10

And there it is…your winner in the epic clash of titans.

Hulk wins!

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