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Welcome to the first edition of Fantasy Author Notebook or FAN where I talk about how I would handle certain situations if I were the writer/author/booker of a show, movie, comic, TV show, piece of literature, etc.

Undertaker's Streak

The first topic: Undertaker’s Wrestlemania Streak.

Now I disagree with those that say it should’ve never ended, but I can agree that the way Brock ended it wasn’t up to snuff with how it should’ve been. It should’ve been amazing, a true spectacle, and it should’ve elevated a new and young talent to untold heights. I have a few ideas on how to do that, and this first one will be for the first candidate I would choose to end the Streak: Bray Wyatt.

Bray Wyatt

First thing’s first, I’d have Bray and Taker coordinate and communicate throughout the year, going over matches and promos and the tone and feel of their feud. This is a big, blockbuster epic ending to a long career and a legendary Streak, it needs to be done perfectly and in style.

Next I would change Bray’s booking at WM 30 through Extreme Rules to fit this new role he’d be taking. Bray would’ve defeated Cena after taking an Attitude Adjustment and getting up soon after with spiel about how “You can’t beat me Cena! I am a GOD!!” or something of that nature.

Bray’s Extreme Rules build would be similar, but with less singing of the same song and some variety added to it. He would sing parts of’Kryptonite’ by 3 Doors Down, mostly the hook (It’s perfect for John’s Superman like character), and imply that HE is John’s Kryptonite. And He’d prove it at Extreme Rules, beating him again.

Also the fabled segment with the children, the choir singing would be made creepier, more supernatural. The children would have lamb masks for longer, maybe from the start or soon after when the lights would go out and Bray made his entrance. In addition to that the children would sing in creepier monotonic voices, in unison if possible, while Bray and the Wyatt Family would simply bask in the glory, not uttering a word. The only time he’d join in would be at the end in a creepy, low tone that implies serial killer and evil more so than the jovial tone he used.

After Extreme Rules, Bray would have almost filler feuds with Sheamus, Big show, Mark Henry, Swagger, Del Rio, etc. and would dominate them all and come off as a supernatural force, not really a face or a heel. To enforce this more, bray would start doing a much weirder version of the Undertaker and Kane Sit Up: instead spider walking after finishers as if they don’t affect him. He would laugh off most offense, begging for more, and kick out of even extreme punishment, and one Sister Abigail would always finish the match (this includes Cena at WM 30).

Bray Spider Walk

Bray could continue to sing, but only every once in a while, when it made sense (maybe a giant killer song for Show, some eerie American song for Swagger, etc.) and he’d only sing it once.

Finally, he’d call out Taker at the Royal Rumble, where he’d defeat Kane (who would be kept on a monster run the entire time), and claim that he wants to “Free his soul from the shackles they are entrapped in” or something to that effect.

Bray beats Kane

Taker would make appearances eventually, and Bray would never be scared when he appeared out of nowhere nor when he did his lights off teleporting act, and instead Bray would merely get to his knees with his arms outstretched and laugh. This would be done both facing Taker and with his back to Taker signifying that he isn’t scared at all of the Phenom.

Of course, they’ll have promos where Bray will use lines like “The hounds of hell will be PICKED apart and fed on by the buzzards” and “Look down on me Undertaker and see your Destroyer, look up to me and see your Conqueror, look me in the eye, and still I remain: a God in the flesh whose soul can’t be marked by such feeble powers as yours!”. Bray would also change up the feud a bit and be the ones playing mind games with Taker instead, doing the lights out teleporting trick (along with the entire Wyatt Family), among other things.

One special moment would be during the usual Undertaker promo, where Rowan and Harper would attack Taker. Taker will fend them off of course, but then Bray’s music will play and the lights will dim and the Undertaker’s druids will come out, carrying a casket. The druids will carry the casket with their heads down, and prop it up against the ring as always, and then the casket will pop open as the druids raise their heads and show that they all have lamb masks on.

The casket will be empty, but by then Harper and Rowan will recover and hit Taker with their finishers. Undertaker will use his powers to sit up and chokeslam them both, but when he’s done the lights will go out (with that sound that always plays at the beginning of the Wyatt family’s song), and when they come back on Bray will be up and on his knees in the casket with his arms stretched wide and a very serious look on his face. Rowan and Harper will be gone from the ring and by his side, and will be seemingly unharmed, signifying that Bray’s powers are greater than Taker’s.

More promos will happen where Bray will mention how Undertaker, a mere demon, can’t compare to a God like himself, or the powers of a God, and so on. He will say that his tricks, and his magic won’t work on Bray and that Undertaker is the conscience of the WWF (not the WWE) and that his reign will fall before the true Phenom, the Eater of Worlds, Bray Wyatt.

Finally will come their match at Wrestlemania 31, where it’d be a straight up epic clash of two supernatural beings. Undertaker would get the early offense and some domination, but Bray would laugh off and invite the offense, not being fazed at all, even by the various finishers. Bray would do his spider walk after a Tombstone even, and from then on it’d be back and forth offense. Undertaker would be hit by a Tombstone, and nearly all of Bray’s moveset, but make sure to never be hit by, or kick out of a Sister Abigail.

One time Undertaker would manage to catch Bray unexpectedly, and almost end the match (It can be a Hell’s Gate, or a counter into a Tombstone out of nowhere) with a 2.99 count, and Bray would get up furious and serious and cease his laughing. Bray would begin decimating Taker, completely dominating him, and while Taker will make a slight comeback, it will be stopped in its tracks as he is hit by the Sister Abigail.

After the move, Bray would just sit there on his knees, staring blankly at Taker, still somewhat angry, as Taker will try to sit up but look as if he’s too weak to do so. Regardless, Bray will grab him from the position and hit him with a full Sister Abigail (the dance, the kiss, etc.) and before he lands it he will way a line similar to “Your soul is mine, Phenom” or “Rest In Peace Undertaker” or “The Undertaker (or Phenom) has FALLEN!” and then he’d hit the move and pin Taker with the traditional Undertaker-style Tombstone Pin. With dominance.

This would set up a new Phenom of sorts, a new supernatural gimmick much like Taker’s, and would launch Bray’s career to new heights, which is what the Streak should do in my opinion.

Bray Wyatt, Destroyer of the Phenom

Stay tuned for more FAN articles and even possibly more on the Streak itself.

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