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FAN: The Marvel Cinematic Universe Part 1

Hello and welcome to FAN where I discuss my take on what should happen post-Avengers 4. This is assuming that all people mentioned here survive the films, though obviously some substitutions can be made. This starts with either Captain America #4 (if allowed, not sure on their trilogy rule) or Avengers 5 (or whatever replaces Cap) and dips into other movies. This is also pre-X-Men/Fox/Fantastic Four merger and is assuming (cynically) that the deal doesn’t go through in time (I have different plans for that)

To begin, the Avengers will get signs that there is a mole in their organization. Intel will be leaked, messages and riddles will be left, and Dr. Strange will sense it (and warn them) while Tony Stark will start to see holes in their system that can only be put there internally. The team will work hard at trying to figure out who could be the mole, all while stopping a powerful villain (Count Nefaria for instance).

Eventually the evidence will point towards Black Widow as being the mole. The team will be in disbelief, Tony will confront her, and she’ll even be ordered to be taken away and banished from the Avengers headquarters until they can be sure. Hawkeye and Captain America will protest, saying that Black Widow would never do that, but Tony will remain stubborn. Cap and Hawkeye will go with her, both trying to shadow her and prove her innocence.

A lot of the movie will be focused on Cap following her as she acts…strangely to say the least, and Tony following her online via satellite. Widow will prove her worth as a spy and lose them multiple times, all while acting suspiciously. Hawkeye will eventually find and confront her.

“Come on, Nat. What are you doing?” He’ll try to grab her by the shoulder. She’ll pause and exhale.

“What I always do.” She turns around and releases herself from his grasp.

“Nat, I don’t want to fight. I just-”

“Then don’t.” She’ll cut him off.

“Fine, I won’t. At least tell me what this is.” He motions to the general surroundings, meaning the situation. She gives him a small smile.

“Just me doing what I do best.” She’ll then disappear and they’ll be unable to track her. Even Tony will be cut off.

Time passes as she’s gone and the mole’s actions continue and Count Nefaria continues his plans. The Avengers will need everyone to beat him, so Hawkeye and Cap will somewhat return, and Widow will make a last minute save. This is around half-time for the movie.

At that moment, with everyone gathered and weak, the mole will strike. It’s Scarlet Witch. She immediately takes out Hulk from the blindside, as Vision tries to reason with her (“Wanda…why are you doing this?”, looking confused. Hawkeye is also confused and tries to talk her down (“Come on kid, this isn’t you.”) but he’s tossed away, casually. Vision is blasted away, as is the next strongest member (whether it’s Thor or Iron Man), while the rest stay back to be cautious.

“Hail Hydra.” Will be Scarlet Witch’s last words before she yells and brings down a building on top of them. They slowly recover, but she’s long gone by then.

When they get back to headquarters, everyone is in disbelief.

Hawkeye is bummed out, almost depressed, as Black Widow comforts him.

“Clint, it’s not your fault. There’s no way you could know.” Tony is pissed at the trickery, and everyone was fooled and feels like they were completely bamboozled. Vision is quiet and seems determined to save Scarlet Witch.

The next move Scarlet Witch makes is to visit Dr. Strange. The two have an incredible battle of sorcery, and she ends up winning via using her mental powers to put him in a coma. She’ll leave the Sanctum in a mess, reduced to mere rubble and debris. Cap will run there as soon as he hears word, and will be the one to bring Strange to Tony so he can be medically evaluated.

The team will wait around, nervous, and eventually be told that he’s in a coma.

“How did this happen?” Cap will ask no one in particular.

“Which part? Our best asset being taken out, or the disgusting betrayal by Hydra scum?” Asks Tony, voice full of Vitriol.

“Both.” Cap will say. Tony will sigh in agitation.

“I don’t know, I guess we got soft, trusting, too…familiar. And it cost us. I won’t make that mistake again.”

“Tony…” Cap will say in both sympathy and in a warning tone. Tony will walk around, pacing back and forth. Widow will come in at that moment.

“Guys I think we got her.”

In a separate room, they’ll be looking at a screen showing Vision and Scarlet Witch meeting up in a park somewhere.

“Wh-how did you get this?” Cap will ask.

“Yeah, I know you’re some super spy but this? Damn!” Falcon will chime in.

“Ask Tony.” She’ll say with a smirk. He’ll put his hands up in surrender.

“Fine, I may or may not have ordered Friday to run surveillance on Vis.” Everyone looks at him, shocked, and scandalized.

“Tony Stark, cyber billionaire, has no sense of privacy. Shocker.” Hawkeye will remark.

“Hey, I did it for the good of the team. The way he was acting, I knew he’d lead us right to her and BAM! I’m right.” He slaps the table.

“Tony has a point.” War Machine chimes in.

“He kinda does.” Says Falcon reluctantly.

“Maybe but…that’s not how we do things, not with teammates.” Cap states, disagreeing.

“Might I remind you that our ‘teammate’ just betrayed us and put our resident Sorcerer in a coma?” Tony retorts heatedly.

“Boys…” Black Widow warns.

“And you. How did you know about my tail on Vision?” He questions. She smirks and points at the screen.

Vision and Scarlet Witch stand face to face and Vision looks perturbed.

“Wanda…please help me understand. What is it that made you betray us like this?”

“Betray you? I never betrayed you. I was never an Avenger to begin with. Always, Hydra.”

“But you had friends, family-”

“My family is NOT the Avengers. Not after Ultron.” She says heatedly.

“But us…we’re friends Wanda. And Clint, he…”

“I don’t care. I was made by Hydra, fashioned to take down the Avengers by any means. I’m doing what I was created to do.”

“I…rather Jarvis was created just to be an AI, a helper for Tony Stark as he fought crime. Me, I was going to be Ultron’s ultimate body. And yet…you don’t have to do what you were created to do, Wanda.” He explains in a pleading manner.

“Of course, I should turn against the people who gave me my power, who gave me my identity, all for the Avengers? So Tony can lock me in my room like a little girl? So I can be sent to prison for trying to help people? So I can be alone in a house with the most irritating group of-”

“For me, Wanda.” Her face will soften after he says this and she’ll reach out.


Just then the Avengers will show up (minus Black Widow, and Hawkeye as they’re monitoring to make sure she doesn’t get away. Also with the rest of S.H.I.E.L.D.). Scarlet Witch will be enraged, perceiving this as Vision betraying her trust.

“You dare!” She screams. He backs off, surprised.

“No, never!”

At that point, the Avengers will attack, but Vision will block their attempts at offense and even fight them back a bit.

“Stop! We are trying to resolve this peacefully.” He will plead.

“She brought a building down on top of us.” Iron Man will retort.

“Ain’t no coming back from that one.” War Machine will agree. Vision opens his mouth to say something, but he suddenly grows red and is on his knees as an angry looking Scarlet Witch is behind him. He pulsates with energy again and again as he begins sinking into the ground (much like in Civil War) except this time he doesn’t stop and disappears from sight.

“Vision!” Cap will scream, and look to go after him, but he sees nothing but an endless pit. An explosion will travel up from the hole and blast the Avengers back and Scarlet Witch will use that time to escape.

“Nat, she’s on the move.” Cap will say as he gathers up his team, pulling them back to their feet.

“Nat! Clint!” No response.

“S.H.I.E.L.D., Scarlet Witch is getting away, do we have her escape route cut off?” Nothing.

The scene shows Widow and Hawkeye watching the screen. As the explosion rings out, Widow will pull out her gun and hold it to Hawkeye’s head.

He doesn’t turn around but does hold his hands up in surrender.

“Nat what are you-”

BLAM! She fires a shot that goes through his head and out one of his eyes. Hawkeye falls out, presumed dead and she turns and shoots the other S.H.I.E.L.D. agents in the room before making a swift exit.

Back to Cap and the team, Cap will turn to them and inform them of the radio silence, adding that he thinks S.H.I.E.L.D. is in trouble. They return to headquarters and see everything destroyed with Hawkeye on the ground alongside a dead Nick Fury and Maria Hill standing over them.

“We need emergency care, now!”

It closes up on Nick Fury’s dead body to end the movie.

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