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FAN: The Marvel Cinematic Universe Part 3

Welcome to the resolution of the Marvel Cinematic Universe FAN. Part 1 can be seen here and Part 2 here, while this article will be the continuation and ending of this FAN.

This resolution will take place in the next Avengers movie and it will begin with a news montage of various countries blaming the US, Russia, and even other countries for the death of their leader. The UN steps in and tries to prevent it, but war is definitely imminent. It’s then revealed that Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver are watching the feed.

“Looks like the spy has been busy.” Quicksilver will point out.

“Good.” Scarlet Witch will smile. “We can use that. Let’s…replay a classic.” Her hands glows with energy.

We then see Loki and Thor make their way to the Avengers stronghold with Thor looking serious and Loki grinning joyously.

“Really Brother, I don’t see why you’re so grim. I finally get to show these midgardians how it’s done!” Thor stops, causing both men to stop moving as he shakes his head in disgust.

“Tony Stark is dead. He was my friend Loki. And a great man.” Loki waves him off.

“Yes, yes, and now he will frolic in the fields of Valhalla or whatever.” Thor frowns.

“Have some sympathy Loki. If you don’t behave…”

“Yes, I know. The Avengers will apprehend me. But that comes later. For now…you need me.” Thor grunts and they continue walking.

Thor and Loki enter the building and see Winter Soldier, Falcon, War Machine, and Spider-Man all staring intensely at a screen. An inhuman roar is heard and Falcon shakes his head.

“Mmm-mmmm. I’m not touching that one.” He points to the screen. Spider-Man looks distraught.

“But someone has too! We can’t just let–” Falcon sees Thor and Loki walk in and brightens up.

“Oh thank god. I can’t believe I’m happy to see you.” He looks at Loki.

“What’s happening?” Thor asks, arms crossed. On the screen, Hulk is on a rampage destroying a large city.

“The monster.” Loki says with fascination. “Brother, let me.” Thor looks surprised.

“Really? The last time–”

“I said let me.” Loki grits his teeth. Thor sighs.


The next scene has Loki materialize in front of Hulk in a green light. Hulk tries to attack Loki and it’s an illusion, only for Loki to stab Hulk in the back. He looks triumphant until Hulk turns around, growling in anger and Loki backs up with an ‘I messed up’ look on his face. Hulk runs after him and Loki disappears as Hulk tries to smash him in. Hulk roars and throws a car through a building as Loki appears behind him and cuts the tendon in his leg.

Hulk roars in pain and turns around, swinging at Loki who dodges, spinning and cuts the tendon in Hulk’s other leg, dropping him to his knees. Loki appears above Hulk then behind him and then on side of him as he rapidly ‘teleports’ around Hulk, cutting and driving his knives into Hulk’s being, slashing his throat, stabbing his spine, his elbows, etc.

Hulk collapses and Loki smirks triumphantly.

“Finally, put in your place. Beneath me.” Hulk’s eye opens and he slowly gets to his feet, causing Loki to sober up and sigh in frustration.

“Plan B it is.” Loki dodges another hit and another with teleportation, and then a thrown car, and a thrown pole. Loki is shook as he’s barely hit by Hulk and he has to teleport on top of a nearby building. Hulk jumps to the building and Loki looks exasperated as Hulk smashes the roof, causing Loki to fall. As they both fall, Hulk grabs Loki and turns around, slamming Loki into the ground.

Loki groans in pain as Hulk begins picking him up (with both hands wrapped around him) and slamming him back down. Each time he’s slammed, he reaches up, his hand getting closer, and on the fifth time, a battle-damaged Loki touches Hulk’s head, making his eyes glow green for a moment. Hulk shakes his head and appears to be back to normal. He looks at Loki and growls.

“You beneath me!” Loki scoffs and blasts Hulk back with green energy before dusting himself off.

“Don’t get ahead of yourself monster!” He then waves his hand, Hulk’s eyes glow green again and he starts turning back to Bruce Banner. Loki glows green and his wounds heal as Hulk is fully turned back to Banner.

“Wow, Loki…what was that?” Bruce asked, amazed.

“That! You turned me back! I can’t even turn me back sometimes and you just…” Loki smirks.

“Yes well, let’s get you back to my brother. They disappear in green light and reappear with the Avengers. Everyone but Thor is startled.

“See, brother?” Thor nods.

“I do.” He turns to the other Avengers. “Does he have your trust?” They look hesitant but nod.

“For now.” Says Winter Soldier. Falcon looks at him funny.

“Says the guy prone to being mind controlled.” He turns to Thor. “Look, I’d be willing to accept help from Ultron at this point, so do what you gotta do.” He finishes looking at Loki who smirks.

“With pleasure.” He steps up, facing the group. “I have a plan…”

The Avengers then split up into groups who take on either Black Widow, Scarlet Witch or Quicksilver.

Loki takes on Scarlet Witch with Hulk’s help, Loki and Scarlet Witch being nearly even magically, but Loki being more skilled, trickier, and better physically. He has her on the ropes many times due to being a better warrior and getting close enough to slash at her with his knives, but she does defend with her shields. She holds him off by blasting him away, and at one point is held by the throat and thus forced to send a super concentrated blast at Loki, sending him through many walls and buildings. She grabs him with her TK and brings him to her and clenches her hands, trying to crush him.

He laughs.

“You cannot crush a god, Witch!” He exclaims as he breaks her hold. They clash blasts of green and red. Loki appears to be losing as he’s slowly moved back.

“And yet, I manage.” Loki grits his teeth as he’s forced back and his blast is right on his body. “Now die, Trickster.” The blast goes through Loki’s body, proving it to be an illusion.

“No you.” Comes his voice. “Witch, meet Monster.” He states as Hulk roars and comes down on her and she’s barely able to block.

“Pietro!” She screams for his brother but nothing happens.

“The speedster is being taken care of. You’re alone in this one.” Loki states as Hulk continues pounding on her shields. She blasts him back and he stumbles, only to roar and come back stronger. He breaks her shield in one punch, causing her to wave her hands and his eyes to glow red. Hulk shakes his head and then his eyes glow green as Loki holds out a hand and tuts her with his finger.

“Not today Witch.” Hulk grins and smacks her far away and into a building. She struggles to get up, heavily bruised and bleeding and Loki’s there , throwing his knife into her heart. She’s pinned to the wall with her hands on the knife. She shakes and bleeds from her mouth.

“Damn…you!” She says, spitting blood.

“Maybe one day.” Loki says with a smirk. “Now let me into your world.” He puts his hand on her head. And both of their eyes glow green.

At the same time, Quicksilver is met head on by Spider-Man (in Iron Spider armor) and War Machine in a nearby forest. Quicksilver zips around them, easily dancing around them and ragdolling Spider-Man, as War Machine is met with a barrage of blows.

“Too slow Spider.” He’ll say as he easily dodges a webbed up tree and uppercuts Spidey, sending him flying. He’ll dodge War Machine’s gatling gun easily, and even avoid his missiles. He’ll send War Machine flying with a running punch, but War Machine will still be up, only to get hit with another barrage of punches.

Spidey will web his leg up and swing him into a tree and then another one.

“This one’s for Tony.” He’ll swing him above his head and far away. “Pietro, meet Peter.” He’ll slingshot himself and kick Quicksilver in the face. Quicksilver will get angry and hear his name from Scarlet Witch.

“Wanda!” He’ll try to run, only to be stuck to the ground by the same web. Spidey webs him up on his other foot and one of his arms, only for him to move his other arm at super speed and get out both of his legs. Spidey send more webs at him, but he dodges while in place. He then picks up a dozen rocks and pelts Spidey with them, forcing him to cover up. He even tears down a branch and throws it fast enough to pin Spidey to a tree.

“Hn. Looks like the Spider got caught in his own little web.” Spidey coughs and laughs.

“Look around you.” Quicksilver does and the forest is covered in webs. “You’re the one that’s caught *cough* in a web. You’re going down.” He puts his hand up to shoot a web, but Quicksilver hits him with a rock. “Ugh! I will…avenge…Tony.”

Quicksilver smirks. “You will meet Tony. Soon.” He then gets his hand out of the web, only to be hit from behind by an arrow. Hawkeye stands behind him with an eye patch and a gruff, cold expression, bow prepared.

“Bet you didn’t see that coming.” Quicksilver stumbles forward, arrow in his heart.

“But…how?” He falls, dead.

Next we see Black Widow fighting closely with Winter Soldier. Winter Soldier has the physical edge due to being stronger, but her batons and other gadgets keeps her in the fight, and even gives her the advantage. Eventually she does disable him and hold a gun to his head. He holds it closer and says “Do it.” She looks cold and cocks the gun. “I deserve it.” He says. She puts her finger on the trigger.

“I agree.” Before she can, an arrow hits the gun out of her hand. Winter Soldier shoots up and grabs her by the throat with his metal hand. She immediately does a headscissor flip and slaps on a gadget to disable said arm before pulling out a knife and going for a throat slash. Another arrow comes at her, but she blocks it with the knife.

“Clint, come out of the shadows. It doesn’t fit you.” She says simply. Someone does come out, armed with a rifle, a SHIELD Agent. Widow throws her knife at him, killing him as she rushes up and takes his gun. She shoots at Winter Soldier who blocks with his arm, and then dodges another arrow. She looks in the direction of the arrow and narrows her eye and begins aiming. She shoots a burst off fire, before rolling and firing at another SHIELD Agent, and another and another.

Finally an arrow comes and hits the gun from her hand and she looks up to see Hawkeye, bow ready and arrow nocked. She puts her hands up and smiles.

“Clint…it’s me. It’s–” He fires the arrow and she catches it, throwing back as he shoots it down. He shoots twice more and she dodges those, only to shoot a Widow’s Bite taser at him. He drops the bow and holds his hand in pain, and she rushes forward to engage in a fight. She holds the advantage due to the Widow’s Bite, but he keeps up. She frequently aims for his bad side (eye patch side), so he’s at a disadvantage, but he keeps her at bay for the most part. She eventually pins him down with her hand at his throat, and her other arm locked and her legs trapped.

“Sorry Clint, this is the end.” He laughs and she looks confused. He then whistles and a platoon of SHIELD soldiers and snipers peer out from the windows as Winter Soldier holds a gun to her head.

“For you, Nat. I’d say it’s been a pleasure but–” he disarms her and sticks an arrow in her heart as she gasps. “I’d be lying.” Hawkeye then calls for clean up and nods to Winter Soldier for his aid. Maria Hill then walks forward and unloads a clip into Black Widow’s body.

“For good measure.” She says to Hawkeye before walking away.

The movie ends with the Avengers meeting together and everyone commenting on Hawkeye now leading Shield, and what Thor’s going to do. Thor will continue to lead ‘Asgard’ and lend a hand when he can. They ask about Loki, specifically Black Panther as he wants to thank Loki for avenging his father’s death and Thor looks away troubled.

It’s revealed that Loki has taken over the remnants of Hydra in secret, renaming it Jormugandr for the Midgard Serpent who wraps around the Earth. This will later evolve into a cult of Loki, worshiping him and using both magic and Asgardian Tech. This will be the villain of the next Avengers movie as Loki feigns being their ally until then, so he can build up his forces.

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