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Welcome to FAN where today I discuss how I’d change one of the greatest anime of all time in Yu Yu Hakusho.

Given its status and overall quality, I wouldn’t touch anything before the Demon World/Three Kings arc. I’d cut in around the time Kurama is working for Yomi and promises to bring him warriors with a power level above 100,000. At this time, instead of what I felt was a nonsensical power boost for the warriors (Chu, Rinku, Jin, Touya, Suzuka, Shi Shi Wakamaru), Kurama would conduct his plan in more of a strategic manner that aligns with his powers and still utilizes Genkai. He will instead give the fighters a dangerous and special Demon World plant that poisons and overwhelms their bodies with an overload of energy. The warriors will die and then Genkai will use Spirit Wave to revive them, allowing them to keep their power.

Kurama will present them to Yomi as usual, but he will be secretly building his own empire to replace Raizen. To bolster this empire, he will contact both Yusuke and Hiei at different times, enticing Hiei with the opportunity to be recognized for his strength, his power, and be given a chance to rule, and using Yusuke’s connection to Raizen to entice him. The Demon World Tournament will be mentioned by Yusuke, but Kurama will shoot it down as foolish.

Ultimately both Hiei and Yusuke will join him and they’ll rule together, making the “Three Kings” name of the arc a double entendre. Hiei will be the ‘head’ leader or king however as he’s the one who wants it most, is arguably the most powerful, and is the one most likely to remain in Demon World. Kurama also brings the other warriors to their side and Yusuke brings Raizen’s old followers.

Raizen’s training buddies will show up as ‘reinforcements’, AKA people to call on if they ever need it, but they won’t be full time members of the empire. Kurama and Yusuke would work to communicate with Spirit World and become allies with them, albeit autonomous from their rule. A first in Demon World history. Before they can be all the way established, they will be tested first by Yomi, and then by Mukuro.

Yomi will fight with intent of taking over and squashing them like bugs. He’ll also be angry at Kurama’s insubordination and target him and his warriors. Yomi will wipe out the warriors with ease and then fight against Kurama. He’ll push Kurama back easily, forcing him into Youko, where the two are more even but Yomi still has the advantage. Yomi will lose when Yusuke steps in, causing him to be pushed back by the two on one assault and constantly on the defensive. Yusuke gets in a good punch and a spirit gun, and as Yomi gets up, Hiei has his sword at his throat. “Yield.”

Mukuro then attacks, allowing Yomi to escape with his life. She and Hiei still have a good relationship so she’s not actually here for malicious reasons but to test Hiei and make sure he’s ready. She couldn’t care less about Yomi and his ambitions. Hiei tells the other two to stay out of it and begins battle with Mukuro.

Hiei is faster but Mukuro has the advantage in the fight, being stronger, more powerful, more durable, etc. At one point she punches Hiei’s sword, shattering it, and forcing him to go hand to hand with her. He gets more hits in, but is far weaker, despite using Fist of the Mortal Flame and even Fist of the Darkness Flame, and has to retreat. He tries Sword of the Darkness Flame, causing her to avoid it for the most part, but she eventually knocks it out of his hand. She taunts him about not being ready or being strong enough to be King and Hiei is enraged, and throws the Dragon at her.

She catches the Dragon by the mouth and it destroys her shackles, but she manages to rip it in two, dispersing it. As it’s made out of flame, the dragon reforms and Hiei smirks, “It won’t be that easy.” She gets serious. “No it won’t.” He sends it again and she punches it back at him while he just sits there and closes his eyes, accepting and absorbing its power.

Now amped by the Dragon, Hiei can fight evenly with her and even begins to take the advantage. To further his advantage, he uses a more powerful Sword of the Darkness Flame and begins winning the fight. Eventually his power dissipates and both fighters are beat up, Mukuro with fresh wounds from his enhanced mode, and Hiei from fighting her earlier as well as the fatigue from the Dragon. Hiei is forced to transform into his demon form (with the Jagan Eyes) and tie up Mukuro with his energy so he can use her as a punching bag. She breaks free after a multitude of hits by kicking him square in his Jagan Eye and goes to finish him with a glowing punch to the heart. Her hand stops just as it’s about to connect as Hiei has a clawed hand around her throat. Both acknowledge that the other can kill them, especially as Hiei can encase his hand in the Darkness Flame. Yusuke is also behind her with a Spirit Gun ready and Kurama has a Rose in his hand as well. “It appears that we’ve won this one.” Kurama will intervene as Yusuke looks dead serious. Mukuro will smile and agree. “Yes, it appears you’ve passed this test. Next time I won’t go easy on you.” She’ll nod at Hiei who nods back and says “Next time I won’t show mercy.” She leaves and their empire is now established officially as the third one in Demon World.

The three will run everything with Hiei always being present in Demon World, Kurama being half and half and Yusuke being there about one-third of the time, which is reduced to one-fourth as he spends time with Keiko. Touya will be a high-ranking general directly under Hiei and Hiei will push him to go with Yukina over Kuwabara (who he still doesn’t like). Kurama will continue human life and helping out his mother, while also advising Hiei on important matters. Yusuke will train with Genkai on more spirit energy techniques, as well as holy energy. There will be peace in the Demon World, and even peace between their empire and both Spirit and Human World, and unlike the actual manga there will be no merger.

One last fight will occur however as Hiei challenges the other two to a three-way battle to see who truly is the strongest of the Three Kings. It’ll be evenly fought with Kurama being weaker and more strategic, Yusuke being the powerhouse, and Hiei being the speedster and assassin type. Yusuke will fall into one of Kurama’s traps thanks to a rush by Hiei and will be the first to transform into his Demon Form. He’ll dominate until Kurama goes Youko and shortly after Hiei will transform as well. It will end in a ‘draw’ as the fight rages for days and each of them have other matters to attend to. Hiei claims victory however as he didn’t even use The Dragon, but Kurama will remind him that he too has tricks up his sleeve and that Yusuke has Holy Energy that he didn’t use much of. Hiei will ignore him and claim that his advantage is much greater and thus it is his victory. Both of the other men will disagree and look forward to a rematch.

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