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Hello and welcome to FAN where I will be discussing how I would’ve booked Jack Swagger in WWE.

For the sake of this article I am starting at his feud with Rusev, as I would’ve done things entirely differently with Swagger from the beginning of his career and thus the article wouldn’t even be comparable to real life. For those curious, he’d be a regular main eventer/upper midcarder and would have held the belt multiple times. But that’s besides the point.

So let’s start with Battleground 2014, where Rusev and Swagger first meet. They will have their match and it will be fairly even. Swagger will catch Rusev’s superkick into an ankle lock, but Rusev will luckily be near the ropes and grab them for dear life. The match will continue with other signature moves, back and forth, and Rusev will be the first to lock in his finisher, the Accolade (a camel clutch). Swagger will struggle a bit before grabbing one of Rusev’s legs and reversing it into an ankle lock. Rusev will struggle and writhe in agony, accidentally knocking the referee over, and eventually will tap but the referee won’t see it. After another ten seconds, Lana comes from behind with a chair and hits Swagger. Swagger will barely be affected and turn towards her angry. He’ll back her down into a corner but Rusev will hit him from behind and lock in the Accolade, Swagger will pass out and ‘lose’ the match (as the ref sees it happen).

Justifiably angry, Swagger will demand a rematch. Rusev will decline, saying he won, and Swagger will end up beating Rusev down and interfering in his matches over the weeks.

At Summerslam, they’ll have a rematch and this time Swagger’s more angry and more dominant. Swagger will catch Rusev’s superkick into an ankle lock once more, but Rusev will counter that with an enzuigiri, knocking Swagger back into the corner. Rusev will then floor him with a superkick and lock in the Accolade. Swagger will try for the ankle lock, but Rusev will counter by moving his feet back and out of the way. Swagger will be forced to make it to his feet and fall backwards, resulting in Rusev releasing the hold.

The match will continue and Swagger will get the advantage, but Rusev will move out of the way of a Swagger Bomb, and lock in the Accolade for a final time. Swagger will reverse it by ducking under and using amateur wrestling maneuvers to get Rusev in his signature Gutwrench Powerbomb. He will then chain that into an Ankle Lock for the victory. Winning for America AKA We The People.

His next feud will be none other than Brock Lesnar. Cena will want a rematch, but Swagger and Zeb will come out first, claiming they earned it by beating the undefeated Rusev. Cena and Swagger will have a match, and Swagger will win by falling out of the AA into a Gutwrench Powerbomb.

Next RAW, Heyman will cut a promo asking how Jack Swagger of all people thinks he has a chance against Lesnar. He’ll mock Swagger and his losses and even his accomplishments. Then he’ll praise Lesnar some more. Swagger will have a match with Cesaro and win.

Next week Swagger and Zeb will come out and explain how Swagger will win.

1. Swagger is an All-American Wrestler just like Lesnar

2. Unlike Lesnar, Swagger BEAT Cain Velsquez at wrestling, while Lesnar lost in his UFC fight and was clearly outwrestled

3 Lesnar’s first UFC loss was to a kneebar by Frank Mir, eerily similar to Swagger’s Ankle Lock

4. Lesnar is a beast, very large and strong. Swagger is taller, as strong, just as beastly. He can match him physically.

5 and final. Swagger is a former world champion who defeated the likes of Randy Orton and the Big Show.

Heyman will refute this next week by bringing up Kurt Angle and his losses to Brock Lesnar, and Zeb will come out and refute that by saying that Swagger is bigger and younger than Angle was. It’s a different ball game.

At the event, Night of Champions, Swagger faces Lesnar for the belt.

Swagger and Lesnar will start with some amateur wrestling and Lesnar will be surprised as Swagger takes him down first. Lesnar is stunned and eventually uses his wrestling skills to escape and engages once more, but Swagger easily counters and gets back on top.

The two will disengage and the match will start.

From the start, Lesnar is obviously stronger, but Swagger is more skilled. He’ll do things like duck a flying knee into an ankle lock, reversing a german suplex (after the slam, into a wrestling position) into a belly to belly suplex. At one point he’s hit with a F5 and barely kicks out. Lesnar is shocked and sits there in disbelief for awhile before going for another. Swagger will fall forward on Lesnar, taking them to the ground as he begins doing amateur wrestling maneuver to circle around him into a Gutwrench Powerbomb. Lesnar will kick out at 2.

Swagger sits up and tries an Ankle Lock, and Lesnar almost gets to the ropes. Lesnar is seconds away from tapping and Heyman interferes and grabs Swagger’s ankle from outside the ring. Swagger turns to Heyman, ready to attack, and Brock grabs him for a german suplex and begins taking him to suplex city. Swagger is barely coherent, tired, beaten after 10 or so suplexes and Lesnar finally drops him to mockingly put him in the ankle lock. Swagger screams in agony and reaches the ropes. The ref begins counting but Brock just pulls him away and puts him in the Brock Lock. Brock holds it for awhile until Swagger suddenly reverses it into another ankle lock.

Brock frantically reaches for the ropes and grabs them, holding on for dear life as Swagger releases the submission and tries to slam him. Lesnar reverses the double leg lifting takedown into a Kimura. Swagger’s in pain once more and tries to reach the ropes, but he can’t do it. Slowly he starts to stand up as Lesnar wrenches the arm to try to keep him down.

Swagger successfully stands and runs Lesnar into the turnbuckle. He rests and holds his arm, shaking it to get feeling back in it. Lesnar recovers and is hit with the double leg lifting takedown. Swagger then hits the Swagger Bomb, but Lesnar kicks out. Wearily he goes to pick Lesnar up and Lesnar snaps up with an F5!

Swagger reverses it by landing on his feet in front of Lesnar, hitting the Gutwrench Powerbomb, doing an amateur wrestling roll through to another Gutwrench Powerbomb and 1…2…3. Swagger wins!

This elevates Swagger once more to bonafide main eventer. He’s one of the most logical people to beat Lesnar as said above and it instantly creates a new star.

To preserve Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns, I would have Swagger face Rusev at Hell in a Cell as it’s a bit of a personal match, with Swagger winning and retaining his title, and then at Survivor Series he can drop it back to Lesnar due to interference by not just Rusev, but Sheamus, Del Rio, an Barrett, AKA the League of Nations.

The League remains his rivals through Wrestlemania as he defeats Sheamus at TLC for the US title, and takes them out singlehandedly in the Royal Rumble. At Fastlane he’ll lose a Gauntlet Match where he faces each of them one after another (getting more tired and more technical with each match), losing at the last member when the others interfere behind the referees’ back. This loses him the US championship.

At Wrestlemania he’ll win back his United States Championship in a unique Three Stages of Hell match where it’s essentially a glorified gauntlet match and he faces each member (besides Barrett who’s in the IC Ladder match) with a different stipulation. He beats Rusev in a submission match, Del Rio in an I Quit match, and Sheamus in a Last Man Standing Match.

From then, Swagger is booked as a mid level main eventer with immense wrestling skill. All culminating in a WM feud and match with Kurt Angle (in 2017). Which he wins. Along the way he’ll face others like Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, Shelton Benjamin, etc. and even win the WWE and/or Universal title a few times.

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