FAN: Marvel Cinematic Universe Part 2

Welcome to the continuation of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Part 1 can be seen here and this article will be the continuation.

Part 2 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe FAN will take place in Iron Man #4 (or whatever replaces that franchise if they don’t allow anything past 3) and will begin with the Avengers (sans Black Widow, Vision, and Hawkeye) taking on Scarlet Witch in a vicious battle. Thor will be absent from the battle, and the rest of them will struggle immensely with her powerful telekinetic abilities. She easily stops any and all projectiles from Falcon, catches Spider-Man and Cap mid-air by telekinetically grabbing their bodies and slamming them, and even blocks repulsor rays from Tony and missiles from War Machine. She’ll be vicious in her approach, tearing apart the armors piece by piece, but will be blindsided by Ant-Man. She’ll lash out and send Hulk flying, but the rest will use the opening to attack her, weakening her shields until a surprise arrow from a newly recovered Hawkeye (who now has an eyepatch) causes them to break, allowing them to surround her and begin to take her in. Suddenly a blur will surround the team, knocking them out and sending them flying as it runs by them and disarms them in the process.

The blur is revealed to be Quicksilver, who appears to have faked his death. His appearance will shock everyone, which will allow him to rescue his sister and escape. Before he does that, he’ll taunt Hawkeye with the “I bet you didn’t see that coming.”

We’ll next see the Avengers back at base and Cap looks furious as he slams the table and asks if Shield knew.

“Knew what?”

“That he was alive!” Cap almost shouts. Maria Hill will shake her head no. Hawkeye will look down in disappointment.

The next scene is Black Widow making a ruckus, as we see a major city being bombed to oblivion. The Avengers will arrive on the scene about an hour late and will be blamed (“Where were you?” Will be the main sentiment from law enforcement and grieving family members). We’ll find out that more cities have been bombed and more are yet to come, and despite their super powers and what resources they have left, no one can find Natasha due to her skill as a super spy.

Wakanda is next, as a sleeping Black Panther (T’Challa) is shown with Black Widow creeping up on him. She tries to stab him, but his quick reflexes alert him and allow him to dodge. He looks up at her, confused because as far as he knows they’re allies, but keeps dodging her blows. His bodyguard from Civil War intervenes and the two fight to a standstill before more guards come and Black Widow is forced to flee, jumping out of the window. Black Panther looks down and she’s gone.

Black Panther is now meeting with Tony Stark and Cap to get to the bottom of this. He survived her attempt, but on her way out of his country, she managed to take out a dignitary. Tony lets him know (in a bitter tone) that she’s been on a roll lately, bombing important cities (in Germany, Russia, China, Japan, Korea, all under the orders of ‘Shield’) and taking out world leaders left and right. He’ll mention that he never knew just how dangerous she was.

Speaking of danger, Black Panther will mention that she freed and triggered the Winter Soldier persona of Bucky, despite all evidence of it being gone. They’re not sure how, but he was unresponsive to their attempts to stop him and he also escaped. Cap will look solemn and Iron Man will swear to ‘take that bastard down.’ Cap will seem to be alarmed at this.

Iron Man will ask if Black Panther knows anything about Hydra. T’Challa will say he has…passing news of them. Why? Tony will bring up his holograms with pictures of Zemo and T’Chaka (Black Panther’s father) with lots of information on them.

“As it turns out, Zemo, the man who killed your father, was Hydra.” Cap will look confused and mention that he seemed to hate Hydra and killed the Winter Soldiers.

“All for a bigger plan Cap.” He then turns to Black Panther. “From what I’ve gathered, Wanda…the Scarlet Witch let the bomb in Lagos go off on purpose, trying to cause an incident and allowing Zemo, or whatever his REAL name is, the opportunity to kill Wakanda’s leader and blame the Avengers and Shield for it.

“So my father…?” Black Panther will look alarmed now.

“Was killed by Hydra, yes. Welcome to the club.” Tony then brings up Black Widow and Scarlet Witch.

“However, from what I can tell, Natasha had nothing to do with that.” This will confuse Cap and T’Challa.

“Both her and the Witch are Hydra, that much is true, but I don’t think they’re working together. They seem to be from…splinter groups, both with different goals. For instance, Scarlet Witch and her brother are counter Avengers, made from a program much more current whose sole purpose is to take out…well us. Black Widow is meant to infiltrate and take down Shield and spread fear amongst the world. Thus she assassinates world leaders and tries her hand at snagging some vibranium.” He mentions as he sits down, having been pacing as he explained this to Cap and Black Panther.

“The question is…how do we stop them?”

“Well?” Cap will ask.

“Do you have a plan?” T’Challa will ask.

“No. It’s a work in progress.” Tony will respond and Black Panther grimaces.

“I see. Then I shall make my own. Thank you for the information Mr. Stark.”

“Tony. Call me Tony.”

Cap will leave, taking some time to think and suddenly a dart will hit him in the neck. He looks up and sees Black Widow.

“Natasha…” He starts but she flees quickly. He suddenly has to dodge a punch from a metal arm as the Winter Soldier appears and begins attacking him. The two have a decent fight, but the Winter Soldier has the edge. He finally hits Cap with a chest punch, leaving him down and breathing hard.

“What is…I can’t…?” Black Widow will stand over him with a cold expression on her face.

“Poison. Enough to bypass even your system Steve. I’m sorry it had to end this way.” She walks away and his vision ends with Winter Solder punching him in the face with the metal arm. She looks around, as if listening for something and then motions for Winter Soldier.

“Come.” He nods and they both jump away to freedom. Moments later Iron Man comes in, suit on and hands lit up, ready to blast anything moving.

“Cap! Cap!” He tries to shake him away, and looks at his prone body in despair. He then yells for Natasha and Winter Soldier to come face him. Natasha will appear on his screen and tell him to “Calm down Tony,” as she shows a video feed of Pepper. ‘We know your weaknesses, we know where you live. You don’t want to provoke us.”

“You lay one hand on her head and I swear I’ll–”

“You’ll what? Grieve? Just stay out of our way and maybe Pepper will live.” She’ll respond, coldly.

Tony will throw a fit, punching concrete, walls, etc. and breaking them with his suit’s strength.

Next, Cap will be laying prone, presumably in a coma on a bed as Tony watches over him. Hawkeye will step up next to him and the two will converse with Hawkeye being cold, gruff, and to the point.

“So Steve is he…”

“We’re not sure. Whatever she gave him, Cap’s fighting it, but it’s a losing battle. I’ll give him a day at best.”

“A day? You mean Shield can’t fix this?” Tony will shout.

“She wouldn’t use something that we could so easily combat. It’s all on him now.” Hawkeye says, nodding towards Cap’s prone body.

“You’re too cold. Nothing like the Clint I knew. Your demeanor it’s… I need the old Clint back. We all do. Just like we need Steve.”

“…The old Clint died. And soon, so will Steve.” Hawkeye will say as he begins walking away. “I’ve got my family hidden, relocated to a new safe space. I suggest you do the same Stark.” He’ll say before heading out.

Tony will spend the next few minutes typing away, and searching camera footage and whatever else he can to track them down. Meanwhile Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver will arrive at a base somewhere in Eastern Europe, ripe with Hydra agents who salute them (with the Hydra double fist) as they walk by. Scarlet Witch will smirk.

“Long live Hydra.” She’ll then shout it again and the Hydra agents will repeat it back at her in unison, several times over.

After that, Tony will see something and narrow his eyes.

“It can’t be…” He leans closer in anticipation. “It is. Goddammit Tony you’re a genius.” He gets up quickly and walks to the balcony. “Friday, contact Pepper, Rhodey, Happy, and the neighborhood Spider. I’m going out.” He then jumps off the building as his suit forms around him, surrounding him in his armor before he hits the ground. He then flies off at high speeds.

Iron Man will fly through the skies, scanners looking through various crowds as he tries to find his target. Finally his scanners lock on and he lands in front of an incognito Winter Solder.

“This is your last chance–” He’s hit before he can finish his sentence. His armor is unaffected however and his head barely turns, despite it being a hit from the metal arm.

“I’m going to enjoy this.” He says as he begins beating up and ragdolling Winter Solder. It’s not much of a close fight, though Winter Soldier is more skilled, as Iron Man simply overpowers him. At one point he uses his former fight data (from Civil War) which is around 65% accurate, but enough to win hand to hand as much as he needs to. He has Winter Solder down, repulsor ray glowing when he’s hit by a truck from Scarlet Witch’s telekinesis.

Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver stand a few meters away and look down at Winter Soldier who’s unconscious. Black Widow drops down and checks on him before looking up at them. She nods and Scarlet Witch rolls her eyes and scoffs, indicating that they’re not working together.

“Brother.” She says and Quicksilver shoots off in a blur. As Tony tries to get up, his suit clearly damaged, he’s hit down again and again by the blur that is Quicksilver.

“Enough!” He says as he shoots an AoE repulsor ray, sending Quicksilver flying, only for him to be caught by Scarlet Witch.

“Enough…you’re right Stark, it is enough.” She shoots a blast that sends him into a wall, indenting it. “Enough of you. Enough of your incessant wit.” She keeps up the pressure and he barely gets his hand up as he’s being pushed through the wall. It glows but is suddenly pierced by a pole, courtesy of Quicksilver.

Quicksilver swiftly pierces his other arm, his legs, his shoulders, abdomen, thighs, etc. with poles, leaving him immobile.

“Enough Tony Stark.”

Scarlet Witch uses her powers to open his facemask to show Tony bleeding heavily from his mouth and breathing raggedly.

“I want you to look into our eyes as we take from you, what you took from our parents.” She spits with venom. She waves her hands in front of his face and it shows images of his mother and father’s death, Rhodey being shout out of the sky, images of Peter, Happy, and Pepper dying and sounds of them screaming in pain, and then finally black as we see Quicksilver put a pole through his now-armored head.

“Rest in piss, Stark.” He says as he spits in his direction.

The movie ends with a wideshot of people gathering around his dead body and Hawkeye and Shield looking at it up close. Spider-Man/Peter’s there and is distraught, and Thor looks on (with a sad expression on his face) with Heimdall next to him, showing him the image.

The final/credits scene is Thor asking someone for help in “dealing with her.” The screen turns to show Loki smirking.

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