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Welcome to FAN where today I discuss how I would write Dean Ambrose’s character. This is in a more general sense, with no particular storyline or timeline in mind, just an overview of his character.

To start, Dean wouldn’t be as…funny or goofy as he is in current WWE (especially as much as he was in his first feud with Rollins). Instead he’d be more of a deranged lunatic, in a Mick Foley, Cactus Jack kind of way. Dean would thrive in any match with weapons or in any match that simply allowed weapons, he’d be the most dangerous person on the roster, period.

Even Dean’s normal match moveset would be filled with dangerous, weird, and painful moves that hurt both him and his opponent, showing that Dean is willing to sacrifice anything to inflict pain on someone else (winning isn’t at the forefront of his mind). While he wouldn’t be a main eventer as he is now (as it doesn’t fit the character), he’d be an upper mid-carder and well respected. No one would want to fight Dean due to how crazy he is, even people like Brock Lesnar, Roman Reigns, and Braun Strowman, and they’d make it known. Anyone facing Dean would want him to sign some kind of agreement to lessen the danger and the crazy, but Dean wouldn’t go for it, only signing when an authority figure forced him to. And even then, he’d find a way around it, and a way to inflict even more pain by getting creative.

To get more specific on his moveset, Dean would implement eye digging, eye scratches, back scratches, biting, digging in the nose/nostrils, digging into someone’s ear, wrenching their head and neck, finger holds, digging into their temples, clawing at their face, and various pressure holds. Also elbows to the head, knees, headbutts, chokes, throat punches, chops, and elbows, and head bashing for more ‘brawler-type’ moves. With weapons, he’d often place limbs or necks into chairs and perform a diving stomp, elbow, or headbutt onto the opponent, crippling them. Sometimes he’d even do it off of a ladder. If he felt extra inspired, he might use a barbwire bat, sometimes flaming, or he might put the opponent through a burning table with thumbtacks on it.

To play up his crazy, Dean would be insanely resilient. He’d take damage like nobody’s business, almost like a new Foley, but even moreso. He’d kick out of any finisher at least once, if not twice, even finishers that are well-protected like a Roman Reigns spear or Braun Strowman Powerslam. Even super finishers. If anyone were to kick out of the OG Burning Hammer, it’d be Dean.

Even more, Dean would clearly enjoy the pain, laughing and smiling while being beat, but also getting psyched up as well, slapping himself to expedite the process. And if he draws blood or has blood drawn on him, it’ll always send him into a frenzy, making him unstoppable for a small amount of time. He’d even use his blood, wiping it on people’s faces (fake blood obviously) or licking it off of his fingers. Dean would be that guy who gives everyone a fight and who no one wants to cross.

The prime example of someone the authority makes their hated enemy face, to the point where even if they win, they’re definitely hurt and exhausted. At times it would be clear that Dean isn’t in it for the titles, he’s in it to hurt people and to gain some enjoyment out of life by doing so. Despite this, he’d still retain some humanity, not often hurting women (unless they struck him) and willing to work with those who aid him or who he has a history with (like Roman or Seth). But at the same time, just because you help him or were an ally in the past, it doesn’t make you exempt from his rampage.

Dean would be a functional lunatic that everyone would know not to cross.

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