FAN: The Return of The Shield

Welcome to FAN where in this article, I discuss how I would have the current storylines play out to cause a Shield Reunion.

First, Dean and Seth beat Miztourage at Summerslam by DQ, and the Miztourage does a beat down because of the numbers game. Both Dean and Seth catch a Skull Crushing Finale.

The Miztourage tries to do the same on RAW, but Roman Reigns’ music hits and interrupts them. When Reigns comes out, he doesn’t rush to save anyone, he walks down cool, calm, and collected. Miz sends both other guys out to meet him.

Roman hits both with uppercuts, staggering them, and one gets Samoan Dropped on the floor. Roman lays on him for a while, as he stares down the other one. The other guy backs up, and Roman stalks him and causes him to walk backwards into the barricade. Roman tees off on him with strikes and throws him into barricade to end him. Roman gets in ring and stares down Miz in a threatening manner. He even mouths (no mic) “You wanna beat up My brothers? In my yard?” Miz turns to run and turns into knee by Rollins. He falls into Reigns who pushes him into Ambrose’s Dirty Deeds. The three former Shield members stare each other down for a while, and then Roman backs out of the ring. As he leaves, he pauses to look at the other two a few times and he smirks as he’s walking away.

Next Raw, Miz and the Miztourage brag about beating Seth and Dean and if a certain SOMEONE didn’t interfere, it would’ve happened again last week on Raw.

Seth and Dean come out and speak.

“The Miztourage is pathetic and they actually LOST their match by the way.” They say.

“With or without a certain SOMEONE, they know they can’t win.”

“Oh yeah! Well why don’t you come say that to our face!” Miz challenges them. They start to walk down, Reigns music hits, he comes with mic.

“Well guess what Miz, a certain SOMEONE is always gonna be there to help. This is my yard” (He pause and look to his sides at Dean and Seth) “And these are MY brothers.” The three walk down and the Miztourage backs down. They have a match later that Raw, 3v3. Roman, Dean, and Seth all enter separately with their own music, while the Miztourage enters together.

The match is going well, with Roman, Dean, and Seth dominating, all until the Miztourage isolates Dean. They beat him down bad and he eventually gets off a rebound clothesline, but Miz moves out of the way and he ends up hitting Seth. Dean looks shocked and looks to see if Seth is OK and even Roman gets off the apron to go check on Seth. As he does, Miz takes advantage and tries a roll up, but Dean kicks out, only to get hit by the Miztourage members in the corner as the ref’s distracted by Roman and Seth. Seth walks out, holding his face and Roman gives him a defeated look. Off the strikes from the Miztourage, Miz goes for a skull crushing finale to end the match. Roman pulls Miz off, breaking the pin at 2, and starts sending uppercuts everywhere. He gets overwhelmed, 3v1 and a DQ is called. The beatdown continues, only for Seth to come running back down to help. Dean recovers and helps too, and they drive off the Miztourage together, chasing them through the arena.

That’s when Braun Strowman’s music hits and he comes to the ring to beat down Roman even more, hitting him with the reverse chokeslam, throwing him around the ring, and hitting the running powerslam. He poses and yells to the crowd.

The Raw after that, it’s Braun vs. Titus O’Neil. Titus holds his own because of size, and even hits his finisher, but Braun kicks out immediately, and goes on to dominate. Braun picks up a mic and calls out Roman Reigns, Kurt Angle, Brock Lesnar, etc. saying he’ll crush them. He throws the mic down and does his taunt and yells.



The music plays and they descend from the crowd in Shield gear. They surround the ring and Braun looks around at all 3 of them as they’re stalking him like prey. He does his roar and attack Roman first, knocking him off the apron. As he does, Seth and Dean attack from behind, but he throws them away with his strength. Roman comes in from behind, hitting blows to stagger him, and Dean comes with clothesline, but he remains on his feet. Roman does a jumping clothesline, but Braun’s still on his feet, so Seth does a springboard knee to knock him to his knees.

Ambrose hits the Dirty Deeds, and they all get all over him, sending punches and stomps flying everywhere. They beat him down continuously but he gets to his feet and does the Hercules thing, tossing all of them away. They come back, attacking him savagely in Shield manner, ending it when Seth hits his knee, into a Roman spear. Roman roars and they do the Triple Powerbomb to Braun, standing over him with the Shield fist.

Next week, they cut a promo. Roman says.

“I couldn’t beat Braun alone. No matter what I did, Braun always came back. I knew only one entity could take down Braun, and that was the Shield.”

Seth then steps up to speak.

“When Roman helped us with the Miztourage, we kinda wondered what was up, so we asked him. He told us backstage that he needed our help, and like the brothers we are, we said yes.”

Dean grabs the mic.

“I never liked Strowman anyways, so a chance to beat him up and handle that little dogfaced weasel the Miz? Count me in Brother.”

Roman grabs the mic.

“The Shield is back and we’re better than ever. Believe That.”

“And Believe in the Shield.” Adds Rollins. Ambrose nods along.

It’s announced that they’re facing off against the Miztourage later in the show, in the main event. Backstage, Roman speaks to both Dean and Seth.

“I have an idea for getting rid of your little ‘Miz’ problem, for good. Believe That.” He says while nodding and grinning.

When they face off against the Miztourage again, they completely annihilate them with ease. It ends with them giving both members a Triple Powerbomb at the same time (A Double Triple Powerbomb), and then going to the outside to hit Miz with a Triple Powerbomb through a table. This ends their feud for good.

The Raw after, the Shield are stopped by an interviewer who asks them a crucial question. “Who is the leader of The Shield?” Roman steps up.

“Like I said before, this is my yard-”

“Woah! woah! woah! woah! woah!” Seth steps in and interrupts and Dean looks taken aback, but is listening.

Roman gives Seth a look that says ‘what’re you doing man?’ He then speaks.

“Wait a minute–wait a minute, let me finish. You may like this.” He explains. “Jeez, you’re like the crowd out there.” He turns back to the interviewer. “As I said before, this is my yard, and these are my brothers.” He motions to Dean and Seth. “Which means that while we’re together, this is OUR yard. I don’t care about who’s leading what or who gets to choose where we eat and all that jazz, I only care about results. If Seth wants to be Leader one minute? Fine. If Dean wants to takeover the next? That’s fine with me too. And me? Well you know how I run things. But the Shield? We don’t need a leader. All we need is targets. And those targets right now are Braun and the Miztourage.” The interviewer looks at the other two for answers.

Dean smiles and says.

“You heard the brother!” Seth just chuckles and walks off.

Later, the Shield are called into the office with Braun, and they almost square up. Braun calls them cowards for not facing him man to men, and says he wants them at the next pay per view.

“Wait a minute–” Kurt Angle says.

“That’s fine, Brauny boy, because we like kicking your ass just as much as the next guy.” Dean interrupts.

Seth steps up.

“Yeah, we don’t care who or what you are. Monster among Men, King of Kings, Deadman, the Shield always wins.”

Angle looks at both sides.

“Well since both of you want the same thing, how about I give it to you. It’ll be Braun vs. the Shield–”

Braun cuts in.

“Let ME pick my match! I want to decide how I destroy this trash!”

Angle steps back in fear and gulps.

“OK, but you have to earn it. Tonight it’ll be Braun Strowman vs. Seth Rollins, and next week it’ll be Braun Strowman vs. Dean Ambrose, the winner decides the stipulations of the match.”

Roman steps up.

“Wait, why are you leaving me out of this? This is my yard and–”

Angle replies.

“We’ve seen you and Braun fight plenty of times now, and it never ends well. We’d like to keep you two separated for now.”

Seth and Dean nod.

“Fine by me.”

“Wait a minute, what if we split the matches? Like I win and ‘The Architect’ here loses.” Seth looks offended at the implication. “Then who decides?” Dean brings up.

“If that happens, we’ll have a tiebreaker.” Angle says. He sighs and rubs his temples. “And it’ll be Braun Strowman vs. Roman Reigns.”

Braun fights Seth and Seth tries hard, using his speed and athleticism. He even hits his knee (his finisher), but Braun shakes it off and wins. Braun celebrates and goes to pick up Seth for more punishment, but the Shield music plays and Roman and Dean both come out to stop him, so he backs away.

The week after, Roman’s in the back giving Dean advice.

“Look Dean, this guy hits hard, harder than anyone you’ve ever faced. And he’s tough. So you gotta be careful.”

Dean scoffs.

“Careful is my middle name! I’ve faced you, both of you, I’ve faced the Undertaker, I’ve faced John Cena, Bray Wyatt, AJ Styles, Triple H, you name it! I’ve even faced Brock Lesnar. Don’t no Braun Strowman guy scare me.” He slaps himself in the face to prepare.

Seth looks hesitant.

“Look, I thought the same thing and you saw what happened. Roman’s right, Braun’s bigger and tougher than ANY of those guys you named.”

Dean scoffs.

“Yeah whatever. I’m fine.”

Dean has a similar match, trying really hard and using speed and athleticism, though he also relies more on self-sacrificing moves. Unlike Seth, he doesn’t quite get his finisher (the Dirty Deeds) as Braun stands up when he tries and picks him up over his head. He crushes Dean, but doesn’t try to attack anyone this time, he just walks away, looking down on Dean with a sneer on his face.

Braun is in Angle’s office with the Shield next week. Angle asks what Braun wants and Braun says

“I want all three of them! In a handicap match!” Everyone looks confused.

“Wait you want US in a handicap match?” Seth asks.

Angle looks concerned.

“Braun are you sure about this?”

Braun doesn’t back down.

“I’m going to show everyone just how trash the Shield is!”

As a warmup match, he faces Dean and Seth in a 1v2 match with Roman at ringside. He wins after crushing Ambrose again, causing Seth to interfere, only to be running powerslammed on top of Ambrose. He then picks both up, going for a double running power slam, and Reigns comes in the ring, only to be booted as he hits the slam anyways. Reigns tries to fight back, but is ultimately running powerslammed through a table. Braun stands tall and does his yell and taunt.

At the PPV, the match (3v1 tag) is hard fought, with The Shield needing to use teamwork to overcome Braun’s power and toughness. They continuously help each other, and break up pins. They try to end it with Rollins’ knee into Roman’s spear but Braun gets to his knees and Ambrose hits the Dirty Deeds. Braun still kicks out however, so Roman does the signal for the Triple Powerbomb. They hit it and Braun STILL kicks out, causing everyone to back away and react in shock. Roman just looks on, Dean slaps his face, not believing it, and Seth throws a small tantrum. Seth commands them to do it again.

“Get him up!” He yells. They do, though they struggle with his size, and the second one pins him.

On Raw, The Shield talk about how they’re back to dominating. Seth goes on about how they beat John Cena, Ryback, Kane, Daniel Bryan, The New Age Outlaws, and even Evolution in their previous run.

Dean takes the mic.

“And now we’ve already taken out the Miztourage and Braun Strowman–”

He’s cut off as Braun’s music hits and he walks to the ring, albeit a bit slower than usual.

“You haven’t gotten rid of me yet. You may have beaten me 3 on 1, but at (the next PPV), I’m taking all of you on 1 on 1, in a gauntlet match!” Braun yells into the mic.

“Well why don’t you try that HERE and NOW!” Dean counters, leaning on the ropes.

Braun looks perturbed but shakes his head and walks away.

“You trash don’t deserve it. I’ll see you at No Mercy.”

Roman picks up the mic.

“We WILL beat you again Braun. Because this…is our yard. And you can Believe…That.”

The Next Show, Braun assaults each Shield member backstage when they’re alone, taking them out. At the end of the show, the three come out and brawl with Braun (who gets a victory over someone like Finn Balor). It doesn’t end however as security and the rest of the locker room pulls them apart.

At the PPV, Roman is out first. Him and Braun have their usual match, with Braun taking a few Superman punches and a spear, but kicking out and pinning Roman. Seth comes out next and does his thing, using his speed and highflying to keep Braun at bay. He hits a Phoenix Splash and the knee, but Braun does kick out, though at 2.7 rather than the early 2 or 1 count he’s used to. After the match, Roman comes in and spears Braun as him and Seth jump Braun, beating him down. The refs get them to leave the ring and even ringside, but not before Roman runs back to hit a drive-by on Braun who’s grounded from the beat down. Dean is next and he ends up being completely overpowered, but Braun’s fatigue and battle damage allow him to win. For example, his rebound clothesline actually knocks Braun off of his feet, and at one point he’s able to dropkick Braun out of the ring and then hit a suicide dive and actually knock Braun down. Dean goes crazy on Braun outside and then rolls inside the ring. Seth comes out and distracts the ref as Roman comes out and spear Braun again as he gets up. He then rolls Braun in the ring and Dean hits the Dirty Deeds, pinning him and winning the match.

The three celebrate, hugging and whatnot but then Roman points at Braun.

“We gotta finish him.” He says. “You know what to do.” Roman roars and they hit the Triple Powerbomb on Braun. They cheer and celebrate but Dean stops them and shakes his head.

“Nuhuh! We’re not done!” He goes outside and gets chair after chair and places them on the announce table. “Get him up!” Dean says, he hits him with a Dirty Deeds as they do. “Now get him to the table.”

Roman smiles.

“I like where this is going.”

“Roman, get on the table!” Dean commands, as Roman gets on an adjacent announce table. Dean and Seth roll Braun onto the same table and then get on themselves. Suddenly it’s apparent what they’re going to do and the announcers beg them not to. Ignoring them, the Shield hit a Triple Powerbomb from one table to the one covered in chairs. Braun’s finally put down. Dean taunts and says Believe in the Shield. The three do their fist taunt.

What this whole thing does is bring back a fan favorite and arguably the best stable of all time, while also putting over the likes of the Miztourage (for Dean and Seth needing help) and Braun (for needing all three of them to beat him). Not only does Braun beat all three members, but he’s the monster strong and crazy enough to face the Shield 1 on 3 and almost win. He’s also someone who kicked out of the Triple Powerbomb, even after a slew of finishers. It makes Braun super strong and kickstarts The Shield members’ careers once again. It also allows a possible freebird of the WWE or Universal Title and brings a new dynamic as all three are proven main eventers now.

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