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Badass Moments From Characters You’d Least Expect (Anime) Pt. 2

Part 2 of Anime Characters having surprisingly badass moments despite what one would think.

Part 1 is here:

Kurapika Takes out Uvo and Snatches Chrollo

Kurapika is no slouch in the HunterXHunter world, seen early as he took the Hunter Exam with Gon and Killua. He’s smart, and semi-powerful when compared to lower level people.

Uvo (Uvogin), one of the eleven ‘Spiders’ of the Phantom Troupe is the top of the line, one of the strongest in the world bar none. Uvo is introduced along with the rest of the Troupe when he decimates the famed Four Beasts of the Mafia despite being poisoned and unable to move his body. He literally killed a man by yelling.

It’s revealed during this time that Kurapika is seeking vengeance against the Phantom Troupe and thus he chases after Uvo and subdues the poisoned, weakened man. This isn’t the badass part, even though in doing so he surprised everyone who warned him not to dare try.

No, the badass part is when Uvo recovers a bit and escapes, smashing his way out of the compound that Kurapika and his group kept him in, Kurapika blatantly challenges Uvo to a fight…and wins. He doesn’t just win either, it’s barely a close fight as he somehow kills one of the strongest men in the world. It seemed like Kurapika had jumped an impossible amount of tiers in a short time.

In reality, he had taken a vow that combined with the limitations he had and his own powerful nen (energy), made him incredibly effective against the Phantom Troupe and only the Phantom Troupe. Talk about dedication to revenge.

And it doesn’t stop there. Kurapika climbs up the ladder and straight up kidnaps the leader of the Troupe, Chrollo Lucilfer, arguably the strongest in the world, in front of his fellow Troupe members with only darkness covering him. Even more, he holds Chrollo defensively and only opts not to kill him to save his friends Gon and Killua. And so, with his hand forced, Kurapika gives Chrollo back but STILL takes away his nen and thus ability to fight or be anything special.

Kurapika effectively punked two of the strongest men in the world.

Black Star vs. Mifune (Soul Eater)

Black Star appears as a loud mouth, cocky little kid who wants a short cut to the top, 100 souls+a witch’s soul to turn his sword Tsubaki into a death scythe. He’s presented with Mifune and Angela, a powerful swordsman who can take on an entire Mafia and is worth 100 souls, and a small, defenseless child witch. The mission is simple, defeat the overwhelmingly powerful man, kill the witch and achieve his goal.

It seems obvious that Black Star will fail as he’s simply an obnoxious kid facing off against a monster of a swordsman who has been hyped as very powerful. He even starts the fight getting easily beaten despite Mifune holding back. Then…

Black Star hits Mifune with a surprise attack, ending the fight and weakening him to the point that Black Star could easily take his souls. Instead Black Star proclaims his superiority and has pity on the witch and the beaten man who’s crawling to protect her with his life.

For once the loud mouth could back everything up.

Happy Saves Everyone from Jackal (Fairy Tail)

Happy’s a member of Fairy Tail, sidekick to Natsu Dragneel, and a flying cat. He’s not very bright and isn’t really useful in a fight except for mobility due to his flight. Jackal is a demon who’s immensely powerful and is so powerful he can blow up an entire town, along with Happy’s friends, to bits with a suicide bomb attack.

Despite being weak and stupid, Happy puts on his brave hat and flies Jackal out of the town, high into the sky so he can do blow himself up and hurt no one else.

It’s sad, it’s awesome, it’s unexpected, and it’s badass all in one little package. Bonus points for Happy surviving though it’d be cool either way.

Yajirobe Cuts off Vegeta’s Tail (Dragon Ball Z)

Yajirobe used to be strong once upon a time. He was Goku’s equal and able to easily cut down an offspring of the Demon King Piccolo. Yajirobe became weak however when everyone else learned how to fly and learned how to shoot ki blasts and he chose to instead hang back and eat, and hang out with Korin (a cat who keeps senzu beans AKA Heal-Alls in bean form). As people became stronger, Yajirobe became more and more of a coward, not willing to put himself in harm’s way for a sure fire death.

Then the Saiyans came. The Saiyans were going to destroy everyone and everything it seemed in search of the Dragon Balls and to amuse themselves. Yajirobe watched as his friends died one by one until Goku arrived (from the Other World) to fight off Nappa and try to beat Vegeta. Goku could not beat Vegeta. Even with the Spirit Bomb and the Kaioken, Goku couldn’t do it as Vegeta used the Saiyan’s trump card: a fake moon that allowed him to transfer into his giant King-Kong-like-monkey-form the Oozaru. As an Oozaru Vegeta dominated Goku and everything looked to be lost as he jumped over Krillin’s kienzan (destructo disk) that was thrown in an attempt to cut off his tail.

Then came Yajirobe. Armed with his blade, he made the jump and the slice and brought Vegeta back down to normal size, which eventually led to his defeat. Coward or not, he came through in the end when they needed him most.

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